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Simple | Soulful | Beautiful | Timeless | Functional

MERAKI is an idea brought to life through clean lines, simple shapes and sensual fabrics.
It strives to balance the timeless with the modern and function with beauty.

MERAKI Collaboration
This collection is created in collaboration with Tharangini, one of the last heritage block print studios in Bengaluru.
An addition to the Meraki Sustainable family, this design is a promise of a better tomorrow.
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Sleek and elegant.
Finally form meets function.
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Comfort and style crafted
in genuine leather.
Meet Meraki Soles.
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[ happy customers ]

My experience with Meraki has been absolutely comfortable no matter what mood you are in. The fabric used is high quality cotton and linen which makes you feel wearing to nothing at all. It covers all the themes from professional wear to casual wear. An absolute buy for me though :)

Bareerah Afsar, Bangalore

I have picked up a few dresses from Meraki and am really happy to wear them.The fabric ,fit and most importantly the pricing is really good.Happy to be in them.

Sapna Jain, New Delhi

I purchased the "Ankle strap dress shoe" from The meraki world and since then there has been no going back to any other brand. The quality is just amazing and the design is so chic and smart! Just perfect for any day at office!! Thank you Meraki for such a fabulous product!

Bhavyaa Gupta, Mumbai

I LOVE my Meraki clothes! They make such a huge difference in my wardrobe. They are clothes that you can put together without much thought in the morning rush and they look so chic! They are extremely comfortable and the number of compliments i get when i wear them make me feel great! Thank you team Meraki for giving us a great wardrobe!

Chaitra Ramamurthy, Bangalore

Totally in love with Meraki! Love the feel and texture of the fabric ! getting all that style with added comfort has hooked me for life

Ruchita Handa Agarwal, NOIDA

Both the pants I bought from Meraki have been an absolute joy to wear! Extremely comfy and stylish, they're a great fit with both shirts and kurtis. Love the Meraki collection!

Aditi, New Delhi

Classical, simple and comfortable. My pieces from Meraki mirror my love for beautiful, timeless pieces.

Sara Fanning, Bangalore

Sustainable clothing has been something that I always looked for and my search stopped when i came across Meraki. I purchased one of their shirt dress and the quality of fabric and workmanship was really great. Easy comfortable fit, look forward to shop again!!

Anouksha, Bangalore

Loved the complete range!! every piece is so unique in itself. Picked this beautiful indigo linen dress. The fabric is sooooo good, didnt even know linen could also be in Indigo!! Thank you Meraki team, I'll be your customer :-)

Dhanashree Ayer, Bangalore