Sustainability has been the topic of the year. Every style brand on the planet has done some bit or the other in the name of sustainability, this year. A common reason for these conversations is the rise of consciousness amongst fashion industry consumers.

Being sustainable can be applied to our everyday living in the most non intrusive manner. We can begin by choosing food that is locally grown. Use materials that can be easily recycled. And choose fashion that is timeless, chic and more plant based.

In this blog, we shall cover, top 10 sustainable fashion products you can invest in as a step towards creating a planet friendly wardrobe.

Cotton Trousers

Did you know, according to the laws of fashion, you need 1800 gallons of water to grow cotton which in turn can create only one pair of denim jeans? Well, thankfully, now that people are more conscious towards the idea of preserving water , you can switch your denim for a more comfortable yet chic pair of cotton trousers.

Linen dresses

When it comes to sustainable clothing, linen is one fabric that tops the list for designers . A linen dress can absorb 20% of its weight in moisture to help you feel comfortable and cool for longer durations.. You can upgrade your regular polyester dresses to timeless pieces from Meraki without compromising on style and comfort.

Comfort Joggers

A pair of joggers from Meraki is a perfect blend of casual yet elegant look to switch between professional calls and errand runs. Sustainably designed joggers made from linen and cotton that help you stay cool and comfortable for those long hours of working or leisurely lounging. 

Lyocell Pants

Lyocell is a rich g material that enhances any body type with its beautiful drape. It is extremely smooth, soft surfaced and supple against the skin. Lyocell pants have been crowned as a must ownedeco-friendly clothing for summers. 

Classic Shirts

You can never go wrong with a classic check shirt. This timeless fashion garment has stood the test of time and is a winner in style, comfort and elegance.

Boxy Tops

Boxy tops are every girl's best friend on a lazy day. This simple styled silhouette is all about casual comfort with a chic look.

Midi Dresses

A midi dress stands for utmost sophistication. A midi dress made with sustainable fabric such as fluidic linen flatters any body type. You can explore the many midi dress variants available in different sustainable fashion fabrics at Meraki.

Jersey Tops

Jersey tops are yet another fine example of comfort meets chic. They have a free flowing silhouette and suit almost all body types.

Shirt Dress

Every fashion forward lady is heading to pick out a sustainable shirt dress. Brand Meraki’s tencel shirt dress is an ideal piece of eco-friendly clothing to compliment your sustainable wardrobe. 

Asymmetric Tops

A high-low hem styled top made with sustainable fabrics such as cotton and linen is an ideal choice for timeless fashion. You can pair it with your tights or your capris. 

These 10 products will surely prove to be a wise choice in your efforts to save the planet and thank mother nature.