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Linen is made by harvesting and processing the flax plant. Flax is the most natural fiber that exists. A mature flax plant can attain a height of up to 4 feet. The flax plant blooms into delicate hues of blue, violet and white and stays for only 24 hours. Growing flax requires minimum water for irrigation and every part of the flax plant is utilized; thus there is no wastage – The Zero Waste Footprint.

Unlike regular harvesting of crops, the flax plant needs to be uprooted when harvested, rather than cut as the fibers go down all the way through the stem till the roots. The flax plant is then left in the fields and exposed to natural elements like rain and sunshine for several weeks, to break down the pectin that is bound in the stem. This process is known as Retting. The natural colouring of the fiber is obtained due to this exposure to the soil, and other natural elements.

The next step is to separate the flax fibers from the stem through the processes of Skutching and Hackling.

The plant goes through several steps before one obtains the fine fibers, which are then spun into different qualities and thickness of yarns. The longer yarns are usually wet spun to give a more lustrous appearance. Whereas the shorter ones are dry spun to give more texture and structure to the surface. This flax yarn is then woven into a variety of linen fabrics, depending on strength, evenness and colour.

Linen Fabric
Linen is one of the most versatile fabrics for apparel. It is completely biodegradable and environment friendly, in fact pure linen, in its natural colours, disintegrates within 2 weeks and goes back to the soil. Linen shirts for women can be excellent thermal insulator. It also has great moisture absorbency and Linen Dresses for women is a perfect choice for the Indian Summer. Linen Tops for women is a great choice for women with sensitive skin conditions. And it gets even better as it is lint free and naturally moth resistant!!

This is a very durable fabric and with proper care can last you up to 20 years with ease.

No two Linen dresses for women, Linen Tops for women or Linen Shirts for women will ever be the same as each batch of fabric will be unique depending on which flax fibers it was made from. Beautiful textures and natural luster give a lot of character to this fabric.

The Indian subcontinent largely has a tropical climate with warmer temperatures for most of the year. Linen Tops for women are an ideal choice for this kind of weather and geography. Due to its fantastic moisture absorbing properties, it is cooling and breathable. Flax fibers can be woven into very fine linen fabric, so thin and light, that they can appear almost transparent. It is an extremely adaptable fabric and can be stylized into a plethora of garments like layered Linen Dresses for women and lightweight Linen Shirts for women.

A large part of Meraki’s collection is made out of linen and its blends. The fabric allows us to create chic Linen dresses for women, Linen shirts for women and Linen tops for women, while incorporating design details like pleats, gussets, folds, layers and shoulder details for maximum comfort.



We use generous amounts of fabrics in all of our designs, and prefer linen as it does not bunch or make the clothing look bulky. Linen retains the shape of the garment and thus does not look like you’re wearing a shapeless garment in our stylized silhouettes like the Cocoon style Linen dresses for women and Boxy style Linen Tops for women.


The versatility of Linen allows us to create designs that are not only for a more mature woman but also for the young at heart.


Our Sustainable Home Collections also incorporate linen as part of the designs. It is a great fabric to use for furnishings as it is durable, lint free and of course eco friendly for the planet as well as your skin.

The natural colour pallet of linen is ecru, cream, brown and tan. It can be easily dyed into a variety of hues as it has great affinity to dyes and uses only a small quantity of dyes. Most of our linen collection of linen shirts for wome, linen tops for women and linen dresses for women are made in its natural colours, and we avoid dyeing them. The Meraki colour pallete is an all season pallete, meaning that the colours are evergreen, and can be worn at any time of the year. The natural colours of the linen fabrics fit perfectly with our linen shirts for women, linen tops for women and linen dresses for women.

Linen is one of our most preferred fabrics for Merakiwear owing to all these great features and most importantly, as it is one of the most sustainable fabrics. We are proponents of slow fashion, and believe that your clothes should be an investment, which last you for a longer period of time and give you value for money. Linen shirts for women, linen tops for women and linen dresses for women are some of the favourite categories of clothing preferred by customers.

We believe “Buy less, but buy quality''. The Linen fabric allows us to do just this and create timeless, classic, sustainable fashion for you.