As I sit besides my window on day ‘uncountable’ of my quarantine and this inevitable lockdown during a global pandemic, should I be ashamed for thinking of all those days when I walked into my office without putting my head into my outfit, or whined a little too much about those pj’s that I just couldn’t get a chance of wearing? Look at me now, day after day sitting in my pj’s and I couldn’t bring myself to forgive myself for all those forsaken fashion days!


Comfortable Dress for Quarantined Times + work from home clothes

It is then that it hit me, how smart comfort wear can actually add the missing bling in my quarantine days, and how it can make my work from home days, real fashionable! Who says there has to be a definitive dress code for your early morning skype calls, when it is no surprise that you have just popped out of your bed, put on a fresh shirt, some mascara, and a plump gloss? Well, I guess I can help you with a little brainstorming, a pinch of fashion tips and a whole lot of comfort for that laptop-to-kitchen tours during these quarantine days! I’m sure effortless smart-casual dressing is hiding somewhere in your wardrobe and it will a clever rat’s eye to pick them out. How can you identify them? Well, those days of dumping your linen pants in the back are behind, bring them out and put them on. And remember those smock dresses you thought you were too old to wear? Guess what, not only are those in-trend but airy, comfortable, low-maintenance and perfect to gear up for your skype calls. In case you are looking for some color-specific vibe, I would suggest you dig up some Indigo DIY some patterns on them, voila! You’ve got yourself a summer-ready, home-friendly, work wear, could you be more in-the-spirits?
In case, you want to explore the market, the beauty and simplicity of Meraki’s humble designs made to fit all the body shapes with a gist of modern & structured silhouette, to keep that boss lady in you always on a strut. Here are a couple ensemble options that I think will be perfect: -

    Essential Black dress + Open Toe Mules + Flats

     Go Anna Wintour in a classic all black look, the Essential Black Dress and what would be better than black open toe leather mules! Take my word for it, you are a European lady on-the-go!

        Cocoon Dress + Shirt Dresses in Linen + Comfort Dresses

         I’m sure you must be loving all that cold breeze while at home, but how can you do it better is with a linen printed cocoon dress, or the textured stripe shirt dress

        Indigo Shrug + Comfortable Kimono
        We all know Classic blue is the pantone shade of the year, but let’s have a new take on this with picking Indigo, and blending it with cross culture fits like the Indigo stripe kimono shrug! Pair it up with a slip dress or a gunjee and shorts, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax.
        Have a happy scouting, I hope this detour in your wardrobe yields you productive fashionable days ahead! Happy Quarantine-ing and Stay Tuned.
        Until the next time,
        Your truly