What are the best handbags for women?

The eternal question that all of us ask while shopping for women handbags and ladies bags online.

So, is there a correct answer to this question? Actually, there is… but, it is not the same for everyone. Meaning that there are best handbags for women, but each of us have a different choice for “best” women handbags.

And what decides this choice of best handbags for women….. it is a mix of factors, but there are some common points that all women will look for in their ladies bag.

The first one being – does the women handbags in question suit your purpose? As in will it be able to hold all that your desire and deem important within itself?

Of all the ladies bags online, the next point on which the choice will rest is the design of the women handbag. The shape, the size, the colours, the strap size, type of closure… all of these will come into account while choosing a ladies handbag online.


The third important point of course will be the affordability. The women handbags in question might suit all your needs and look amazing, but if it is too heavy on the pocket, then it might be given a pass over for a cheaper lookalike. Therefore, good pricing and affordability options (like EMI) help in making a positive choice while shopping for ladies bags online.

Women give a lot of importance to value for money, and therefore, good quality and long lasting women handbags will fare well with them. Handbags that are not just a good design, but stand the test of time as well are the best handbags for women.


As handbags are used for a variety of purposes and usually stuffed with not just their own effects, but carry things for their children, parents, spouse and sometimes even friends, the best handbag for women is the one that can survive through this daily wear and tear. Sturdy is another desired quality in ladies bags.

Apart from these common pointers, each woman looks for women handbags as per their taste, aesthetics and likes. Some prefer to choose a flashy and bright one from the available ladies bags online. While others make a beeline for the classic and timeless pieces.


So what’s your choice and which according to you is the best handbag for women… Check out the women handbag collection offered by Meraki and then take your final call. These Meraki bags are definitely in the running!