Fashion trends are those short-lived sassy moments that may come and go but the reality is that a realist wears her expressions and not emotions up her sleeve. Do you relate? It is a common notion that any consumer, be it a fashionista or a streetwear hip girl, sees clothes as an expression to their daily life and values. What would remain common and now, turning into a major fashion moment is being consciously into comfort wear. If I’m being right, this is most likely to change the face of our fashion industry which once used to revolve around ‘Looking Good.’ It’s safe to say we have, (and how) entered into the realm of a home-bound lifestyle.

You must be thinking about the relevance of us doing this talk, but it is most important for a brand, to establish the brand image as relatable to the consumer’s vibe as possible. Targeting a realist woman, we believe she must be of the thoughts to remain empowering while being in comfort at the confines of her work-from-home situation. Meraki has always been the one complimenting its target audiences’ lifestyle.

How I would want to put it into words would be, ‘It’s a lifestyle choice: Our realist woman is practical and busy, who wishes to be at comfort yet being extravagant at the same time.’

Well, let me walk you through some comfort wear long stylish tops which can be your where about partner. These will add a touch of contemporary fashion to your daily wear. So let’s get going, shall we?

1. Longline Printed Shirt

Longline Printed Shirt

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This is a timeless A-line long printed shirt with dotted motif which adds the right amount of ethnicity to this top. The slightly oversized fit of this shirt gives you a balanced breathing space within.

2. Trench Yoke Tunic

Trench Yoke Tunic

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With a contemporary twist to this rather classy style, this is one of the most sought after ladies long tops. With varied styling possibilities, soft-to-touch feel and slightly oversized fit the trench yoke tunic is a smart woman’s top choice.

3. Longline Stripe Shirt

Long Strip Top

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When it comes to including trends in your daily wear, i think of this subtle yet stylist high-low striped long tops for women. It is very relaxed and effortless to look at, while very comfortable to wear. It’s stripe pattern is very formal enough to pass as workwear, and the high-low hem is comfortable enough to pass for daily wear.

Modern long tops are the wardrobe staple today, there’s no denying it will continue to be a constant in your closet. So invest in sustainable wear which is eco-friendly, thoughtfully designed and matched with your mood, lifestyle and personality. For it is most important to appear like what you stand up for, within!