I am always on the lookout for ladies dresses. I think they are one of the best choices of garments for daily wear. More often than not, you will find me in a comfy dress, no matter what time of the day.

I find ladies dresses to be such a versatile garment. Just one piece of clothing is enough and you don’t really need to think of the coordinate that will go with it. No stress about what bottom and what top wear will compliment each other. Just one dress, and its all sorted.

I found Meraki’s ladies dresses online while browsing the internet, and initially, I was not sure what size to pick or whether they will fit me well. So, I decided to try them out and add this to my selection of buying dresses online and ordered the indigo drop shoulder dress form their latest collection.


I received the package as scheduled, on time and was impressed by their promise of being a sustainable fashion brand. I noticed that the packaging of my ladies dress was made our of recycled materials and even the garment tags and labels were recycled. 

The dress itself is made of pure cotton, and I must say, although I often buy dresses online, the quality of this ladies dress was true to its word. The hand feel is great and I absolutely love the texture of the fabric. 

Usually, when I buy dresses online, I am never reassured about the fabric. 8 out of 10 times it is different from what I see on the screen. But this dress was so similar to what I saw while buying dresses online, and I was very happy.

The next test of course was the fit. Here too, Meraki was true to their word and the dress fell beautifully on my body. In fact, I could see the impeccable craftsmanship of this dress, as compared to other ladies dresses I had bought online. The design of the dress is so simple, yet its so stylish and thank god it doesn’t look like I am wearing a sack!! The ladies dresses have been patterned so well, its really a pleasure to wear them.

But what really floored me was that most of Meraki’s ladies dresses have pockets… and that says thoughtful and mindful design to me. I mean, I do like my pockets. They are so handy and just make it so easy for me to carry my basic essentials without having to lug around a bag or a pouch. Thank you Meraki for thinking about us women from their perspective.

Meraki is surely going in my list of brands to buy dresses online. And I am surely going to recommend them to my friends and acquaintances as I am so reassured of their quality and style. 

Style with comfort ranks high on my priority for ladies dresses and Meraki’s dresses tick both these boxes. The comfy dresses that I have bought from them are wonderful. And I have even gifted some to my friends and family and they too have found their ladies dresses to be comfy.   

So now, Meraki is not just a part of my shopping list of buying ladies dresses online, but its been added to other people’s shopping lists as well. If you want to buy womens dresses, check out their collection on their website : www.themerakiworld.com