Tunic tops go a long way into the history of dressing a woman. Any pattern, color, fabric, occasion, city or country you will see one in every 5 women wearing a tunic top. There is no way one can’t love a tunic top for themselves especially now that you can customise a tunic into a tunic top, a tunic dress you name it! Now that we find ourselves amidst a global pandemic, quarantined at home, getting a little too used to living in comfort, woman tunics seem to have made a comeback into our lives sooner than we realised.

Take my word for it that the hip length hemline of a tunic top adds to the comfort of its design, and I, for one, find it very effortless to pair my tunic top with any type of bottom. Not to mention that a tunic top is one of the rare pieces of clothing which flatters every body type, no less no more! Having said this, there are however a few tips and tricks to wearing a tunic top, let’s take a quick look into the tricks for styling a tunic top on different body shapes:

1. Pear Shaped - It would be advisable for you to buy a side slit tunic with a wide neckline which has a tapering hem, and style it with a belt on the waist or add a heavy necklace to keep the attention towards your bosom. Also, skin fit jeans or leggings will accentuate the look even further!

2. Apple shaped - This body shape must go for a deep V-neck fancied with smaller patterns of darker shades. Style it up with heavy earrings and a fringed bag. In case you don’t find yourself wearing a deep V-neck, a round neck would do the job, too!

3. Hourglass - As one would name this body shape as the perfect one, it is as much tricky to dress this body shape. For instance, wearing an oversized tunic top can break the look with no amends possible. Make Sure that you go for a well-fitted woman tunic, only.

4. A full figure - A full figured woman should keep two details in mind, that is, to keep the collar bones and wrists visible. This keeps your overall body frame to appear slimmer and will give an illusion of being taller, too. Also, choose lighter colors with small patterns and you’re good to go.

5. A smaller frame - A woman of this body shape should keep their hemline up till their hips or just above. But don’t go for dramatic sleeves, instead, it would be best if you’d keep your sleeves shorter, perhaps sleeveless.

Now that you know how to dress your body shape in a tunic top, how about we look into some sustainable tunic tops and tunic dress options online? What could be better than finding tunics online, continue reading below for my favorite picks from The Meraki World.

1. Space dyed tunic top - Stripes are a staple in every wardrobe, when combined with a tunic design, it’s a total win-win situation.


ADD TO BAG: https://bit.ly/33FWqDF

2. Trapeze shape flared tunic - I love for myself to experiment with a little drama in my garments, this A line flare tunic has got a great volume and yet simple to accessorise it up or keep it as is and go for a lowkey look!

Trapeze Shape Flared Tunic

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3. Mock shrug shirt tunic - It wouldn’t hurt for one to have a two-in-one purposed tunic tops for women! I love how well structured the two layers have been merged together with.

Mock Shrug Shirt Tunic

ADD TO BAG: https://bit.ly/30DWX7n

I hope you’re ready to rock a tunic top like never before! Not to mention the sustainable options mentioned above are promised for their longevity and quality. I am looking up towards the good and ‘not-so-ol’ tunic days ahead of me, are you?