A recent trend that I witnessed in my office is the steady shift in the type of office wear dresses that a number of my women colleagues as well as myself had adopted. These new office wear dresses are more free flowing in terms of fits, and all of us seem to be more comfortable and relaxed in them.


On such brand that has simple, yet very elegant deigns of office wear dresses for ladies is Meraki. They have a great collection of office wear dresses in wonderful and comfortable fits that don’t really cling to your body but give you space to breath.  And this does not mean that these office wear dresses for ladies hang on you, or just have excess fabric that is stitched together…. The designs are suited to each of our body types, or should I say they adapt to our different body types and the silhouettes make you look smart and chic.


The other plus point about their collection is that they are a fashion sustainable brand, that is they ensure that their fits for these office wear dresses are created in such a way that you can wear them even with your fluctuating waistline and weight (which is a common occurrence with ladies as they grow older due more reasons than one.) And this is really a pleasure, because we all have so many office wear dresses that we are unable to sport continuously due to this problem. 

The fabrics that they use are also really soft and pure, and because they are all ecofriendly, one doesn’t have to worry about irritation, itchiness and sweaty office wear dresses (that tends to happen with synthetic fabrics).


Another thing that I really like about their collection of office wear dresses for ladies is the colours that they offer. They are soothing, subtle and refreshing. They are easy to pair with all my accessories like handbags, scarves and even earrings. And I can match a number of my footwear with these office wear dresses. Also, I don’t have to worry about whether this colour is in trend or not, or will it suit the occasion or plan for the day. They blend well with all kind of events and get togethers. 

I would highly recommend Meraki’s collection of office wear dresses for ladies as an addition to your wardrobe. the best part about this brand is that it is really affordable, and helps you to make a conscious choice that is not very heavy on your pocket. Investing in their office wear dresses is a wise decision that you will be happy with.