Plastic has literally seeped into our lives in all ways possible. Studies even say that we are drinking and breathing plastics!!

The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the presence of plastics, especially microplastics in our environment. Not just clothing, but even accessories like handbags are party to this problem.

As a brand, the core philosophy of Meraki is to create sustainable products at affordable prices. And sustainable handbags is also a part of their offerings. All of Merkai’s handbags are made with very high-quality vegan leather. And the accessories like fasteners, zippers, buttons etc.. are also of pristine quality, thus making them environmental friendly bags. For these handbags will last you longer as they are more durable and have stood the test of time.

Sustainable handbags or eco-friendly handbags refers to not just the material that they are made out of, but also questions the construction, the design, the colours and of course the usage.

Meraki’s range of sustainable handbags cater to all of these points and are designed especially to be versatile, in use and in style.

Most of the environment friendly bags created by Meraki have been designed in such a way that you can either carry them on a shorter strap, like on the arm or under the shoulder. Or you have the option of a longer detachable strap that can be used to convert the same bag into a sling bag. This is especially common to their eco-friendly tote bag designs. This is a great way to have sustainable handbags as the same bag can be converted into different looks as well as needs. And you can use the same eco-friendly tote bag for different occasions as well; for example, as an office handbag, and later as an evening casual sling bag.


The colours and patterns for these eco friendly handbags have also been carefully chosen, and remain in the spectrum of classic and earthy tones and hues. This makes them suitable to be paired with most of your outfits without looking out of place. The designs too compliment the timeless feel and blend with ease with most ensembles.


Meraki’s range of sustainable handbags are crafted in a comfortable size – neither too large, not too small, and thus accommodate all your essentials as well as leave room for those last-minute things that we “absolutely need to carry” in our handbags. You will definitely not feel a lack of space with these environment friendly bags.


If you are looking to make a conscious choice and become more sustainable consumer of fashion, then Meraki’s eco-friendly handbags are a must see. You are sure to find your pick from their range of sustainable handbags.