Ever since I was a kid, I noticed that we always had table runners on our dining table. Never a table cloth, but a dining table runner.

I always used to wonder why this is so…. I mean, the center table runner doesn’t really cover the table, just makes a straight line across it. The wood is still exposed and bare for all to see. And the runner just sits there, making a pretty straight line through the center.

When I grew older, I asked my mother why she never used a table cloth but preferred to use a dining table runner instead. And she revealed the mystery to me.

She said, that a table cloth was great, but a dining table runner was even better. The beautiful fabrics and prints added a touch of colour and softness to the otherwise bare tables. At the same time, the contrast between the hard and the soft surfaces and a mix of different textures created an interesting element in the room. The centre table runner not only added panache, it also allowed for the character of the table to come through.


I was amazed when I heard this… because I never though of it from this perspective! It’s true.. the softness of the fabric against the hard surface of the table gives quite a contrast. And the colourful prints compliment the base colours of the dining table. 

Runners can be used on any surface, like a side console table, or a coffee table or even your bookshelves. Some people even like to use them on their kitchen counters to break the monotony of metal and plastic.

Meraki has a range of table runners that are available in textured yarn dyed cotton fabrics and hand bock printed linens and cottons.


The prints are inspired from nature and resonate the curves and impressions ofnatural elements like the ripples of the sand, the closed lotus flowers and scattered petals. In fact, a part of the collection is made using the impressions of real flowers and leaves. All the colours are natural and eco friendly and add subtle detailing to your surroundings.




The length of these runners is a good 2 meters; ample to cover almost any surface with ease. These centre table runners make a great addition to your décor. Use them on table surfaces and add a vase full of flowers and foliage. Or choose to pepper them with photo frames of loved ones and cherished memories. Or garnish them with your heavenly cooking when enjoying a hearty meal with friends, family and guests. Or simply lay it down on your dining table to remind you of the beautiful things in this world.

A center table runner definitely adds to the room. Every time I look at my dining table runner, I am reminded of my mother and her words that made me change the way I look at this piece of cloth.