Considering the current world situation and the urgent need to stand for the planet, many fashion labels are opting for production of sustainable fabrics and dyes. They want to bring to the world an uncompromised yet timeless style that is easy on the pocket, while allowing its wearer to do their role in saving the planet. Fabrics such as linen, cotton and ramie have often topped the charts of sustainable fashion especially in the space of ladies sleeveless tops. When it comes to low impact dyes, indigo tops the list. It is the first plant based shade that was identified as colour in the fashion industry. Since then, this low impact shade of cool has been the choice of many when planning to go eco-friendly in style.
So, here’s your dose of 4 must own fashion forward indigo outfits on your venture towards sustainability;

Go High on Prints


When it comes to prints on sustainable fabrics, it surprises you with its chicness. Infact, when it comes to printed tops, brands like Meraki have a wide range to offer in their “The Indigo Shop” collection. You can get everything from placement print, motifs and self designs in all shades of plant based indigo. You must check out their “indigo dobby pop over top”, it is the latest love of all sustainable fashion lovers across the country.

Wear the Traditional Kimono in Style

Kimono top


Free style fabrics such as cotton and linen will never let you down when you intend to go consciously fashionable. The fabrics when paired with low impact dyes like indigo, the results can be quite mind blowing. The latest in indigo styled fabric is the much spoken of kimono tops from Meraki. Its one size fits all makes it a wardrobe must have to just cover up or spunk up your favorite t-back.

Save Fabric go Sleeveless



When it comes to sustainable fashion, many stylists have come up with creative innovations to use natural fabrics consciously. Among these creative innovations is the ever so classic, women sleeveless tops. The best way to give back to the environment is to use less of its resources and what better way than wearing it in a sleeveless top. If you are into sleeveless tops, you must try the v-neck top from Meraki, a perfect choice for a work outing. 

Full sleeves for all your Occasions


Indigo is that one colour that goes well on any fabric as well as style. You can wear it as a regular full sleeves top for women or on a dress, it will also compliment your personality. When it comes to occasion wearing, try Meraki’s pleat front linen top in indigo. You can pair it with your favorite denims or your work skirt. 

Often when it comes to indigo, people feel that washing this colour in any fabric shall be a nightmare. But conscious brands like Meraki have been an innovator in the world of fashion by using plant based dye like indigo that has a low impact on the environment. With its less water absorption capability it is easy to wash, leaves nreturn. If you are on your way to sustainable fashion, go for indigo.