“It’s a lovely bag and so much space!” – Roshni, New Delhi.

“I have been looking for a classic Hobo to carry to office. And I found it at Meraki. So happy 😊.” – Shivika, Kolkatta



 “The perfect black handbag. Thanks Meraki!” – Rohita, Pune.

A good handbag or rather the perfect handbag does not come by easily. It takes a lot of searching and trying and basically going through a number of them before you find “the one”.

Meraki understands this and after a lot of research and trials, we have achieved what we call the “Perfect Hobo Handbags”. 

What we found during our research and umpteen conversations with people around us, and with ourselves when we looked at our handbags, were some common points of concern that were being repeated by one and all.

First, the size of the bag. It is a task to find the correct size that is neither too big, nor too small. And this is closely followed by the second concern – the space inside the bag. You might find the size to be correct, but what about the inside space? Is it good enough to carry all your essentials and still have spare room to rummage around easily?

Our Hobo Handbags address both of these crucial aspects. The size is just right for you to carry – neither too large, nor too tiny. And they have been designed to ensure that you manage to fit your daily basics like wallets, keys, a pen, a small writing pad or diary, tissues, your grooming pouch and of course a sanitizer. And there’s still room for a small water bottle or a bag of healthy nuts for the 4pm cravings.



Another issue faced by most of the people we talked to was that even if they found the right size, the handle was not correct. Our leather hobo bags have been designed after much ergonomic research and they are easy to carry either on the shoulder or on the arm. The material is soft and will not cut into your skin. The leather hobo bags will sit comfortably next to your body as you go about your daily routine.

While searching for hobo bags online, you will come across a plethora of choices. Apart from the size and space, some important things that you should keep in mind while buying leather hobo bags are the quality and durability of the product. 

Meraki’s hobo handbags are crafted in durable and quality materials and as is our philosophy, they are made to last. Investing in Meraki leather hobo bags will give you value for your money and they will last you for a long time. We are very conscious of quality and good craftsmanship as we believe these are the foundations of a good design. 

Our collection of hobo handbags come in classic blacks, tan and browns. They can easily be paired with office wear or carried for an evening of leisure. The designs are smart and sophisticated and an easy choice as accompaniments for all kinds of ensembles.

They look good with western wear as well as traditional sarees and suits. Mearki’s Hobo Handbags will carry you through the day. Find your perfect fit of style and comfort with our handbags.