The era of Covid-19 quarantine has redefined fashion for many of us.  No one would have ever imagined that wearing pajamas on a conference call with your CEO would have been considered as an, ‘OK’. Fashion industry has experienced a spike in the desire for loungewear, by simply counting the number of people who have added it to their carts and yet positively waiting for their parcels to arrive in post quarantine.

But the basic question still arises in the minds of many.
Are we ready to counter the ‘Back To Full-Pants’ era when stepping outside our homes?

Well, here are a few ways, which can lessen the blow and help you cope up with your post quarantine fashion trauma with utmost grace.

Replace those denims

Denims and summers go well in cowboy movies but in reality, they are nothing but heat generating fabrics. In an era, when our mind and body is trying to cope with normalcy, we should stick to comfort that reminds us of our favorite shorts at home.  Obviously, in a working environment we cannot wear shorts but we can always replace it with a pair of lightweight tapered pants from Merakiworld. They come in fun colors and go well with almost everything but a dress.

Stick to airy fabrics
Imagine, going back to those chairs in your office, which do not allow you to fold your legs and sit with the laptop on your lap.
Isn’t the mere thought of it uncomfortable?
Well, the best way to cope with this is to wear airy fabrics.  Oversized airy fabrics such as linen based Ocean Ombre Shirt Dress from Merakiworld, will not only allow you to move freely but also think the same way. You can take care of summers gracefully while looking hip in your classic shirtdress choice.

You must own linen
God bless the soul who discovered linen. A fabric so comfortable, that it makes being naked an overstatement. It is such a diverse fabric that it acts as the best go-to outfit for both hiking on a summer day to classy cocktail wear. A classic pair of a white linen shirt and denim is a global symbol of fashion that any expert approves, blind folded. If you haven’t got your hands of that perfect shirt yet, you can check out Stretch Shirt With Overlap Packet by Merakiworld, and you shall not be disappointed.

Mules will take you miles

We understand your hesitance of slipping in to heels from those comfy, cozy and fluffy home wear slip-ons. And that’s why God made Mules. Well, not God really, but an artist who understands how important it is to look good in shoes that don’t kill you. A pair of Mules shall not disappoint you on your first day to work post quarantine, wherein you relapse from the idea of being home in Mr.Fluffy’s body. It is also a great pair to dance all night in and not calling-in for work from home the next day, because we all know, nobody likes WFH anymore. So, if you are looking for that perfect pair of good-looking mules, you must check out the gorgeous ‘Open Toe Leather Mules’ from Merakiworld and you shall not be disappointed.

Dresses are your new favorite

We all know the struggle of being lady-like in our little shorts and night wear dresses at home. But what if we can take the comfort of our latest favorite garments to work? Fascinating idea, isn’t it? Well, you can do that in an airy rayon and linen Cocoon Shirt Dress by Merakiworld.  Paired with a chunky belt and Mules, you are ready to rock your first day at work post quarantine without a glimpse of discomfort.

The best way to enter the post quarantine era is to dress like being at home, just a little less homeless and a bit more comfortable, without compromising on style.   With the above tips, you shall be able to make a wise decision to redo your wardrobe and get ready to rock your post quarantine look.