If you are reading this article, we know that you are the conscious kind. The kind which believes that the world needs to breathe better, and shall take all measures in their power to help it.

The world has given us a wake-up call during the pandemic. People are doing their bit to save the environment in all possible imaginable and unimaginable fields, including fashion. As surprising as it may sound, fashion-conscious people have moved their radar from trendy timely fashion to more sustainable and slow fashion solutions such as linen.

Linen as a fabric is no more the choice of the bland and the rich. Lately, it is a conscious choice of the younger generations too, who want to do their bit without compromising on their style. This has given birth to brands such as Meraki World.

In recent months, the world has seen a high demand for sustainable wear, unlike before. The reason for this change in consumer behavior is not only it being the need of the hour but also the vast variety that is not at disposal of your normal consumer. A normal consumer is one who wants to be a part of a cause but may not have the power of choice or affordability. But with the availability of such brands, everything under the banner of linen, along with all styles that you can imagine, such as, full sleeves tops with linen stripe fine knit from Meraki, is now just a click away. Let’s just give you a little perspective below on what all can you get, every time you think of sustainable yet gorgeous fabric linen, in your wardrobe.

Long Live Long Sleeves

Full Sleeve Tops

If you are wondering about getting full sleeves tops for women made out of linen, there are many online shops you can purchase your favorite pattern from. Long sleeves in linen can be as trendy as any other piece of outfit with bell sleeves, peplum style of just your regular, comfort kurta.

Prints Never Go Wrong

printed linen boxy top

Prints are one pattern that can never go wrong when you plan to switch from a busy workday to a leisure evening within minutes. Print tops such as Meraki’s printed linen boxy top must be a go to for the women for today, who like to make every minute count without spending time on the hassle of dressing up for every occasion.

Story of My Stripe

Stripe tops

Stripes in any direction never go out of style. What better way to wear it than upon a pair of denims or just comfortable leggings? Stripe tops such as Meraki Crew Neck Stripe Tee is a go to outfit for any woman for a sunny day out to look chic yet comfortable.

Swag with or Without Sleeves

women's sleeveless tops

To sleeve or not to sleeve is no more the question for any trendsetter. On a beautiful hot day, you can step out in a women's sleeveless tops, and if working from home and attending a VC feel confident yet comfortable in your long sleeves tops.

Linen is one fabric that will never let you down. Be it on your voyage to save the planet or simply saving the day by being your super self. Try your share of sustainable linen today and feel the difference.