Footwear is one of the most important things in our wardrobes after clothing. The right ladies footwear is very important so that you are comfortable and do not feel “the pinch” while going about your daily life. Footwear also adds to your look and enhances the appeal of your clothing. And of course, they protect your feet from getting hurt or bruised, and also protect them from natural elements like the sun and the rain etc..

Let us look at some important tips to keep in mind while investing in ladies footwear.

1. The fit

Always make sure that the footwear that you choose fits you well. But what does this mean? It means that when you wear this ladies footwear , your complete foot should fit the length of the footwear. your toes should sit comfortable and not feel like they are being squeezed from the front and sitting one on top of another! Make sure they spread out well and breath comfortably.


2. The balance

This one is especially to be kept in mind while buying heels. Always walk a little before investing in a pair of heels and make sure you do not wobble or feel like your feet will twist when you are walking. A well deigned pair of ladies footwear will be easy to walk in and not give you the feeling of imbalance or under confidence.


3. Ease of wear

For daily use, or for days or occasions when you might have to repeatedly remove and wear your ladies footwear, make sure you choose a design that is easy to wear and remove, like a classic pair of mules or slip ons. This will make you life easier and keep a smile on your face even if you have to remove your ladies footwear infinite number of times during the day and night!


4. Quality

When investing in a pair of ladies footwear, let your choice be governed by not just the design and the style, but also the quality. Investing in a good quality of ladies footwear will prove to give more value for your money, rather than a cheaper, but ill made option. Quality of construction, the fitting, the material that has been used and also the support it gives to your posture, all are very important to keep in mind while investing in your ladies footwear. A badly constructed piece of footwear will not just hurt your pocket, but also your health in the long run.


Meraki offers a range of ladies footwear that are beautifully crafted, quality designs that cater to your daily requirements as well as work well for occasion wear. These classic designs are made from superior quality materials, that are carefully designed to provide your feet with support and add sophistication to your wardrobe. Meraki makes sure you put your best foot forward and skip through the day effortlessly.