Ladies leather sandals have been a classic choice since yester years. In fac they have been around for more than 5000 years, and thus have stood the test of time as far as durability is concerned. They are smart, classy, sophisticated, and truly a no brainer when it comes to choosing women footwear for all kinds of occasions. They just cannot look out of place or bad with your formals and are versatile enough to blend in with an amalgamation of modern and traditional.

The best leather sandals are the ones that don’t just make your feet look great, but don’t bite your feet and make them sore. So the first thing to do while buying ladies sandals is to choose the right pair of ladies leather sandals for yourself, by zeroing in on your preferred style. Decide on whether you would like the flip flops, the slide in mules, just simple slip ons, thing shaped ladies leather sandals, or the ones with the toe rings. Buckled ladies leather sandals is also a good option for a comfortable fit, and they come in a number of deigns – from peep toes, to open toes, to strappy gladiators and so on. One can see the reemergence of ladies leather sandals time and again even on the runways.


One of the tough things to do with even the best leather sandals is to maintain them so that they do not get damaged due to moisture, dust and dirt. Taking care of your original leather sandals will make them last longer and keep them looking pristine. Leather as a material is one that tends to become softer and more comfortable with usage and as time passes. But if not cared for, even your original leather sandals will start wilting and loose body.


Tips to take care of your Original Leather Sandals

Before you begin any kind of scrubbing of your ladies leather sandals, make sure you clean the surface with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust particles. This is important so that you avoid any abrasive effect to the surface of your original leather sandals and thus avoid scratching the surface. Also, remove any kind of laces or other accessories or fasteners (that are removable) before you begin cleaning your ladies leather sandals.


The next step is to spot clean your original leather sandals. You can do this by rubbing the stains or the faded areas with a liquid leather cleaner or leather conditioner or a gentle soap, and warm water. Use a soft cloth to rub the affected area in a circular motion. Do so very gently. Once you have removed the stains, wipe down your entire ladies leather sandal with a slightly damp cloth to remove the excess cleaning product, as well as evenly moisturize the original leather sandals all over.

In case you feel a dullness on the surface of your ladies leather sandals, you can opt to use a leather polish to uplift your best leather sandals. You can go a step further and use a wax-based polish, which will help to restore the colour of your original leather sandals.

Now that you have given a new lease of life to your best leather sandals, you can don them again with panache and walk in style.

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