As the winter fades, and the chill disappears, the time to turn over the wardrobe also presents itself. And so does the time for all your linen clothing, especially your linen dresses to make an appearance in your wardrobes. After all, linen clothing is one of the best choices of natural and pure fabrics for the hot and sweltering heat.

What’s so special about linen clothing?

At the top of the list of answers is comfort that is provided by this fabric, especially when the summer season beats down upon us. This is a highly breathable fabric and has a high tendency to absorb sweat, as well as great wicking properties that keep the moisture away from your body. Thus, making you feel comfortable and cool throughout the day.

Linen clothing is very durable and the fabric is obtained from the flax plant. The flax plant is processed and converted into the linen fabric, which is further converted into linen clothing and accessories. Pure linen is completely eco-friendly and sustainable as it decomposes and goes back into the earth; the beginning of where it came from.

Linen is a highly sustainable fabric and good quality linen clothing can last you for years. It can endure many washes due to its property of durability and has the property of becoming softer with time.

Benefits of wearing linen clothing 

Linen is an all-year-round fabric. It works for all seasons and that’s the true beauty of this luxurious, natural fabric.  

Linen clothing never goes out of fashion, and thus, investing in well-fitting, good quality linen dresses for women is always a win-win situation. The cuts and silhouettes may change with each fashion season. There might be a new colour of the season in vogue, but linen fabric itself never goes out of style. It is a classic, and thus, all your classic linen dresses will always be in trend.

Linen also has the unique property of being a hypoallergenic, which basically means that you will not have any allergies, rashes or skin discomfort while donning linen clothing. It is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction and even the most sensitive of people can wear this fabric without worrying about breaking out in a rash.

Linen clothing is a real good choice for the summer season and linen dresses for women is the top choice in this category. While searching for linen dresses online, you will find a plethora of cuts, fits and colours in the collection of linen dresses for women. By choosing linen clothing, you are not only investing in a durable product, but making a conscious choice, as your linen dresses will last you for a very very long time if you take care of them. Truly value for the money you spend.

Meraki offers a superb collection of linen dresses online, with a variety of colours and textures. These linen dresses can be worn as formal as well as informal wear, and will serve your purpose of looking great while staying cool in the heat. Head to the Meraki World collection of linen dresses for women and start your journey of creating a more sustainable and greener wardrobe for yourself.

Linen Rich Self Stripe Top – Black

Linen Rich Self Stripe Top - Black

Keep cool with panache in Linen dresses

Spring summer is a perfect time to indulge in linen dresses for women. And to go looking for linen dresses online to upgrade your wardrobe with simple, yet classic linen designs.

Linen dresses are not only cooling and extremely comfortable, they make for great travelling companions as they are lightweight and don’t take up much room in your luggage. With all the restrictions of carrying weight while travelling, this is truly a desired quality!

Moreover, they are quick to dry after being washed, and the creases that appear on the fabric are part of its natural appeal and beauty, hence saving you the effort of ironing.  

Linen Tent Dress with Mandarin Collar