We’re months deep into our oath to maintain social distancing, courtesy the global pandemic, it is obvious that most of you are still living the work from home days. I wouldn’t lie when I say I miss the old days of waking up in the morning and spending the first few moments of the day with inspiration and creativity into deciding what to wear! Since the pandemic, most of us have had to adjust to the new normal, the ‘shelter-in-place’ lifestyle. Contrary to the popular beliefs, I find it rather tricky to decide my work from home outfits, if I must, allow me to say that it is a trial and error method. My reason for this uncertainty is because I aim to keep my work from home outfits balanced between being laid back and polished.

It wouldn’t make sense if your work from home outfits are not comfortable to be donned on your sofa for the afternoon meeting, but would be extremely unprofessional to not look presentable enough to meet your employees over a video call! The Meraki World has come up with a carefully put together Work From Home edit. To make things a little interesting, I decided to keep a journal for my work from home clothes that I curated from the Meraki WFH edit.

Continue reading below to read my take on the work from home outfits’ edit, with an added styling tip along with it!

Longline Lyocell Denim Shirt

Longline lyocell denim shirt

Denim is a versatile fabric, one has to love it for its structure and its unforgiving breathing space. I would style it with comfortable dhoti pants and fancy it up with a waist belt, studs and a gold accent watch. Be your kind of a denim dream in these times of PJ’s and space buns!


Textured Cotton Boat Neck Top

Textured cotton boat neck top

A basic top is a must have in one’s wardrobe and when we speak of work from home outfits, nothing plays better than it! Throw a beige colored coat and a chunky necklace, put your hair up in a messy low bun and voila! Could you be more effortless and chic yet in style? *channelling my inner chandler bing*


Flared Checks Top

Flared checks top

One can’t go more professional than with checks. And one cannot look for more comfort than a flared breathable design. I’d love to pair it with a tiny pendant necklace, a silver accent watch and a half top knot.


Jacquard Polka Shift Dress

Jacquard polka shift dress

Did i mention yet, that this dress comes with pockets?
*screaming* I wouldn’t not second my decision to pick out this dress, make heat less curls in my hair and accentuate the bosom with a belt right under the bust line.


A Line Sleeveless Shell

A Line sleeveless shell

An A-line works perfect for everybody type or occasion, especially for your WFH clothes option. It will remain my favourite pick for work from home tops. A delicate long necklace, a sleek ponytail, and a scarf draped on your neck will complete this look with least efforts and most appreciation.


Now that my work from home outfits’ journal is building, I can only wish that your bosses keep you close and knitted in their inner circle. And secretly wishing that my hair grows out double its length by the time all of this is over.