It has been cold wet days lately and the winter chills are all around. To top this, it is the wedding season and one of the biggest concerns is how to keep warm, while maintaining the style quotient, with this cool wind blowing all around. The answer is quite simple really – your best friend for winters – the turtle neck sweaters. They are your best find for winters and we promise you, that you will just love them. They go with everything, and this wedding season, try replacing your saree blouse with this stylish navy coloured turtle neck sweater from Meraki’s Winterwear Collection.


Its so comfortable, and soft and most importantly warm. In is available in two beautiful, neutral shades and you could style the soft brown colour with a skirt and boots as another indo western look for this wedding season.

One tends to gravitate towards the turtle neck sweaters as they are such a classic design, and so versatile. They can be worn to work, for formal occasions, your evening outings and just for lounging at home too. What is most likeable about the turtle neck sweaters is that they cover you all the way from your torso till the neck, and sometimes your ears too, saving you from the cold weather and the brrrrr… winds.  You are wrapped in warmth and comfort, all set to face the winter days.

The turtle neck sweaters are so adaptable; they work as a street style, can be worn on the red carpet and easily fit into all occasions and settings.   

As it is such a classic design, the turtle neck sweater can be easily paired with a variety of bottoms, like slacks, jeggings or/and treggings. This was a signature style of Audrey Hepburn. Always looking classic in a black turtle neck sweater accompanied with black slacks. 

Meraki’s turtle neck sweaters come in a variety of designs and cuts. They come with raglan sleeves, drop shoulder styles, beautiful textures knits, and in varying lengths to suit your comfort.

Another great way of wearing the turtle neck is by layering them with smart coats and jackets. You can also pair them with a nifty oversized muffler or even a pair of overalls. They work well with jumpsuits and overalls too and can be worn as inner layers that keep you protected from the winter cold while looking smart. 

Wearing turtle neck sweaters as tops and pairing them with a well-fitting pair of denims or trousers is always a winner. You can choose to complete the look with a pair of sneakers, high boots or classic heeled sandals.

Turtle neck sweaters can even be styled with ponchos. The contrasting snug and loose silhouettes of the 2 clothing styles compliments each other and is easy and comfortable to carry.

The classic turtle neck sweater is something that will work for most days of winters, as you can change your look and style it with ease, while ensuring that you keep warm and comfortable throughout the day. We totally recommend the turtle neck sweater as a winter staple that should be in your wardrobe and will definitely see you through the season in style.