Comfortable sandals are a dream come true. And not one that comes true very often. 

Modern sandals are great in design and offer a plethora of options, but when it comes to comfort, most of them fail miserably. The same goes for pure leather sandals. It is really disappointing when you invest in a good pair of pure leather sandals, and they turn out to be so uncomfortable that all they end up doing is sitting in the shoe rack, looking pretty.

Mule shoes are not entirely a new concept, but the designs have really evolved with respect to the modern sandals.  Especially ladies mules, which have seen an exponential growth in design and options in the past couple of years. 

Meraki offers a small but exclusive collection of modern sandals. And they are specially designed for your comfort. Our collection of ladies mules and pure leather sandals have a classic style and are easy on the feet. You don’t feel the pinch of the shoes and you won’t end up having sore feet even after wearing them for longer durations.


Our mule shoes and collection of modern sandals are ergonomically designed to ensure your comfort and make the experience of new shoes most enjoyable. You will not feel uneasy while wearing our ladies mules and pure leather sandals.

Meraki’s modern sandals are not only a reassurance of comfort, but also mindful of being sustainable designs. The ladies mules and pure leather sandals are crafted with the best quality materials and have stood the test of time. They will last you for a long period in good, usable condition.

Meraki’s designs are not only mindful, they are timeless as well. The modern sandals collection and pure leather sandals have been designed keeping in mind current lifestyles of people. Our dressing for office, formal occasions and leisure time has become a little fluid today and Meraki’s footwear collection incorporates this element in the designs. Even the colour pallete has been chosen keeping in mind neutral colours that will compliment your wardrobe. The main design element of the ladies mules and pure leather sandals is the texture of the material. Each one is unique and specially designed, keeping in mind the classic look of the creation.
Investing in a pair of mule shoes or any of the sandals from Meraki’s modern sandals collection will surely be a much- desired addition to your collection of dream footwear. Comfort with style and quality is the motto and Meraki ensures that this is what you experience.