One of the most comfortable slip on shoes for women are women mules. A must have for all women in their shoes collection, Mule shoes are most comfortable and convenient.

Mule shoes first came into prominence around the 16th century in Europe and were actually worn as bedroom slippers and not as outdoor shoes. Mule shoes became popular not just for men, but women’s mule shoes also gained popularity. Mule shoes can also be seen in the eastern cultures like Egypt and Turkey.

The word “Mule” shoes or rather mules has it’s root in the latin language, which refers to slippers as well as backless shoes.

Women mules were brought into fashionable outdoor wear by a woman called Comtesse d’Olonne, a French courtesan, who first wore a pair of soft Women’s Mule shoes to church in the 16th century. came into being worn as fashionable outdoor slippers.

Over the decades, Mule shoes for women have been made in different materials and
In varied styles. Women’s Mule shoes have been crafted in felt, leather, oil cloth, silk, velvet, embroidered cloth, wood and even materials like rattan, bark and hemp. Some Mule shoes found from India were made of buffalo, cow and goat hides, fur, cotton or cotton fibers. Women’s mule shoes even incorporated brocade at times. During the 1950’s the trend for mule shoes for women was dominated by plastic and feathers.

Over the years, mule shoes for women have been embellished with materials like metal thread, feathers, buckles, lace, bows and rosettes. One can even find pearls and other precious stones adorning women’s mule shoes.

Mule shoes are essentially slip-on shoes that are open at the back. There are no straps or any kind of fasteners in women mules.

Mule shoes for women have a variety of differently styled toes. Women’s Mule shoes are usually closed toed and can be pointy shaped, rounded or even forked. Some mule shoes have upturned toes and according to historical sources, one pair of Mule shoes which originated from Iran was shaped like a fish.

Over the years, Mule shoes have been refashioned time and again, especially women mules, as per the trends of the season.



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