I have always been a flats and sandal slip on girl. Throughout my college days I could be seen running around the campus in my sandal slip ons and in winters, my leather slip on shoes. I swore by them because they are so comfortable, and a full day of work goes by like a breeze in this fantastic footwear.


In my work life, I have been racing against deadlines and my work has always required me to be active and on my feet. I am sure a lot of you resonate with this. My sandal slip ons have been absolutely amazing companions throughout all my ordeals.



Lately, I have been feeling the need to diversify my footwear closet, and I expressed this to one of my girlfriends’. She introduced me to “Mule shoes for women”. I was aware of Mule footwear; I had seen it around in the market. But I had never tried them as I was content with my sandal slip ons and leather slip on shoes. But now, my curiosity had gotten the better of me and I decided to give mule footwear a chance.

My decision did not disappoint me in the least. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of these shoes. I found them so easy to wear, just like my sandal slip ons. Nothing complicated; just put your feet into the shoes and walk your way ahead.

Comfort with style has always been my motto for my choice of footwear. And these mules totally confirmed to this. Another box they checked were the classic designs. I always like to pick up classic designs for my wardrobe and shoe racks. This way, I don’t have to bother about what’s in trend and whether they will work for a particular occasion or not.

Because classic designs are timeless and suit all occasions.

Well, coming back to my tryst with mule footwear, I was pleased to see the choices available in these shoes. There are lovely flats as well as heels available in the collection of slip ons.

Mules shoes for women also come in a variety of “Toe designs”, that is to say, there are differently designed mules available to accommodate all types of feet. They can be rounded, square shaped, tapered and sharp, and even open toed at the front.



I am absolutely thrilled at my new discovery and I think I might have gone a bit overboard with my shopping for new footwear . But I am happy. My footwear cupboard now boasts of my evergreen sandal slip ons and of course the leather slip on shoes. And my smart and sophisticated new collection of mules footwear. I would recommend everyone to try on a pair of mule shoes to experience happy feet!!