That’s the cheer we hear all around especially in the months of summer.

Who wouldn’t like a wardrobe full of pure linen shirts, and linen dresses and linen tops.

The common perception is that Linen clothing is very expensive, especially things like pure linen shirts and linen tops for women and linen dresses for women.

But we are telling you that’s not entirely true… in fact, we offer you a linen collection at very affordable prices. What’s more, the clothes are not just within your budgets, they are sustainable fashion. Which means that you get to buy reasonably priced clothing like pure linen shirts and dresses and linen tops for women along with not feeling guilty about polluting the environment. 

Don’t take our word for it… read what some of our customers had to say about our linen collection.

“I always found linen shirts for women to be expensive. But when my friend recommended Meraki to me, I was elated! What a beautiful pure linen shirts collection and at such affordable prices! Thank you Meraki! I am definitely coming back for more!!” – Shikha, Mumbai.

Another happy customer reported :

“I came across Meraki while browsing for linen tops for women. I liked the designs, but was still skeptical about the quality. But when I received my linen top, all my doubts were cleared. Absolutely fantastic quality and totally worth my money.” Kusum, Kolkata.

And this review just stole our hearts :

“We were looking for a linen dress for our mother’s birthday and gifted her your indigo linen shift dress. Our mother was so happy with the quality and it easily fit our budget! Thank you Meraki!!!” Anshu & Medha, New Delhi.

There are so many more messages and wishes that we receive from our customers, telling us how they found their perfect fit, colour and style in our linen collection. And how it all came within their budget. It warms our hearts and encourages us to continue working towards creating affordable sustainable fashion.

We work very hard to create collections that are classic, have impeccable fits and are reasonable priced. For we want all women to be able to buy good quality linen products.

One of our main philosophies is creating designs that provide value for money. Another important philosophy is to try and popularize natural fabrics like Linen, which are ecofriendly and sustainable. Pure linen is not just advantageous when worn as clothing, but continues to be gainful even when discarded.

Pure linen can decompose and go back to the earth within 2 weeks, depending on the weight of the garment. This means that it does not ass to the mountains of clothing in the landfills, creating pollution and wastage. This process can further be accelerated if the clothing, example a pure line shirt is cut into small pieces and then discarded.

We believe in all our customers getting their money’s worth and thus, our collection is made of high quality fabrics, the purest of linen, that is constructed with great care to last you well into the future.