Merishka had always been a heavy-set girl. As a child, she was always the tallest in her class. As an adolescent, she blossomed much earlier than her classmates and friends. And now, as a grown-up young woman, she usually is the one standing in the last row of her office photographs. This doesn’t bother her, as Merishka is a confident, independent and intelligent woman, and knows that there are all types of people in the world, with different body shapes and she is merely one of them. What does bother her though is the struggle she has to go through to find well-fitting clothes for her “larger than usual frame” and body type.

She hates the fact the she has to look in the men’s section to find a decent t shirt that will fit her comfortably. Finding a top for herself is a huge exercise in itself, and a perfect fitting shirt dress – her favourite style of dress – is almost a dream.

 At times, her luck comes through and she finds “nice clothes” in the plus size sections, but she finds the designs and the cuts so limiting. And to her dismay, they usually fall on her like a big, misshapen sack!

There are many women like Merishka, who struggle to find well-fitting and well-designed plus size clothing.

At Meraki, we understand this struggle and cater to women looking for plus size well fitted clothing.

Our plus size clothing is not just for women like Merishka, who are genetically big boned and heavy set compared to the average Indian woman. But it is also for those women who struggle with their shifting inches, fluctuating weight and an everchanging waistline, due to bodily changes that take place as they grow older. And by “they”, we refer to all women as this shifting body size is a natural phenomenon.

Our collection of plus size tops for women are made in silhouettes like the boxy fit and kimono style that are a promise of comfort and look chic. The cuts and patterns of these plus size tops available online, drape to fit your body shape.


We also have a great collection of plus size shirt dress for women. They come in natural fabrics like linen and cotton, lyocell and Tencel and beautiful blends of these fabrics. They can be worn with ease throughout the day, without worrying about any discomfort.

Another conscious addition to our collection of plus size tops for women and plus size shirt dress is the One Size Fit All category. As the word suggests, this fit has been designed in such a way that it is sure to be right for a petite framed as well as stout and large framed woman with comfort. The look of the top or dress might change depending upon the body shape of the women, but the fit and the ease of wear will be the same.


Take for instance this indigo boxy top. It is especially designed in a wide, comfort fit to ensure that it fits one and all. It is specially cut in such a way that the top takes the shape of your body and drapes itself beautifully to suit your shape.

A favourite silhouette of ours for the plus size shirt dress is the “cocoon shape”. This shape allows for a lot of room around the waist and hip areas and at the same time, it provides for a body skimming look. The cocoon shape adds a swing to your steps as it swishes with the rhythm of your body.


A plus size fit is just another body type. It needs special attention and the clothing needs to be mindfully designed. Plus size tops for women needn’t be shapeless and drab. They can be equally classy and chic, for who doesn’t like to wear smart and stylish clothes.

While browsing through Meraki’s collection of plus size tops online, you will find fits and designs that will always make you feel comfortable and impart elegance.