Recently, I was going through my mom’s old clothing stash, and came across some beautiful pure cotton shirts and pure cotton dresses. As I browsed through them, I remembered that I had seen quite a few of them in old photographs of hers from her youth. I did a quick mathematical calculation and realised that these cotton shirts and dresses lying in from of me must be atleast 4 decades old, if not more! What surprised me even more was that apart from an occasional fading of colours, or a missing button, they were still in very good condition!

There was this one particular pure cotton dress that I cannot forget. It was in a beautiful pale yellow, with handmade fine lace trims in white and a side button placket. This knee length pure cotton dress had pockets and was cut as a shift dress. I think it was one of my mother’s favourite pieces of clothing.

I asked my mother how her collection was still in such good condition. She said the secret was paying attention to quality and construction. In her days, the trend was more to get your clothes stitched, rather than buy ready to wear. She told me how they were allowed only a certain number of new clothes every year, usually around festivals and on birthdays. Although the number of clothes they had was not very large, but there was absolutely no compromise on quality. As my mother was fond of wearing western clothes, only pure cottons shirts and tops and pure cotton dresses were allowed to adorn the wardrobe. No synthetic materials were used for clothing. These garments were impeccably stitched and have stood the test to time.

When I see Meraki’s collection of pure cotton shirts and pure cotton dresses, my mother’s words resonate in my mind. Quality and good construction.

These beautifully crafted garments are a pleasure to wear. I am assured that they are made to last because of their attention to even the smallest of the details. I love their colour pallet as it allows me to pair my pure cotton shirts with a plethora of bottom wear. And, I don’t have to think of whether the colours are trending at present or not, because they are classic and perfect for all seasons.

My favourite pure cotton dress that I purchased from Meraki is a long black dress with a side button placket. I just love it!! I have worn it to work, for parties, for formal evening dinners and even while travelling. And it has never failed me. It looks great at all times and makes me feel absolutely beautiful 😊.This pure cotton dress is my “go to” piece for summers whenever I am confused about what to wear.




My mother always says “When we were young, we were always told buy less, but buy quality products. Make sure they last you for a long time and give you your money’s worth. That, is a sound investment.”

I reminded of these words again and again as I look around me at the available choices of clothing against the quality. Now that I am older, I also recognize this advise as a good sustainable practice and a way to live. Buying less by investing in good quality clothing means I produce less wastage and also contribute to the health of the planet by reducing the demand for cheap, throwaway clothing. It reduces the strain on our planet’s resources and making this seemingly “small” and “insignificant” choice, I actually become an active contributor towards a healthier environment.

The more I browse through Meraki’s collection of pure cotton shirts and dresses, the more a realise the importance of quality and making a conscious choice.