Our new linen collection brings you style with classic lines and of course a promise of comfort. Crafted in our signature Meraki fits, the new styles of pure linen dresses and pure linen shirts will live upto your expectations of what a Meraki linen shirt for women should be like.

For instance, take the new cap sleeved shirt with a mandarin collar. A rich blue colour has been selected for this piece. Its cooling and fresh. Designed with a high low hemline to add style and fitted in a regular silhouette to give you the utmost comfort. The long front button placket makes it easy for you to wear and remove the pure linen shirt. As always, it is crafted in the most premium of fabrics as we never compromise of quality.

Linen Sleeved Shirt


Our collection of linen shirts for women are always designed to provide the maximum comfort and ease of wear to you, for as long as you sport it. Linen is a natural fabric that is extremely breathable and lightweight, and at the same time it provides quality and sturdiness. Good quality pure linen shirts and pure linen dresses can last you for years if you care well for them.

This luscious red jacquard dress in a straight fitting silhouette is a perfect choice for a day at work or an evening out in town. It is extremely comfortable and you will feel relaxed and energetic through the day and night. It is actually not very difficult to care for pure linen dresses and make sure that they stay in good shape for a long time. You just have to take care to be gentle with them while cleaning and washing the garments. Don’t be very rough on the linen dresses, and also remember to give them a little starch finish once in a while to retain the body of the fabric. 

When putting together our new collections of ladies linen shirts and pure linen dresses, we are always mindful of adding colours that are evergreen and always in vogue. Our pure linen dresses colour pallet comprises of soft blues, crisp whites, classic blacks, natural beige, sunny yellows, deep navy, fresh greens and happy reds and peaches. 

As a sustainable fashion brand, one of our main focus is promoting slow fashion and choosing to offer colours that are suited for all seasons is a conscious decision in this direction.  As is always being conscious of choosing premium quality linen for making our linen dresses and pure linen shirt for women.

Linen Color Blocked Dress


Our designs for the pure linen shirts collection, are created in such a way that it is suitable as work wear and as clothing which can easily be worn for a lighter occasion. And this is the same with our range of linen dresses. You can choose to wear our pure linen dresses as work wear or as evening wear. The designs are versatile and can be styled in different looks by just changing accessories and shoes and even hairstyles! Its that easy to style our linen dresses and pure linen shirts for women. 

Good quality classic linen dresses are a great investment and Meraki promises you value for money. These pure linen dresses and shirts will last you for long and will always be in vogue in every season. Meraki offers one of the best collections in pure linen dresses and shirts. The collection offers comfort, style, versatility and timeless, classic designs.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable yet stylish linen collection for your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. Meraki is your answer to premium quality linen.