Do you stand in front of the wardrobe for a long time figuring out what to wear? Or do you have a difficult time distinguishing clothing for formal or casual events? Because I am absolutely baffled by these questions!

But what if someone tells you that there is this one beautiful piece of apparel which will put an end to all of these dilemmas? That one thing which can single-handedly put together your wardrobe? The best thing that can happen, right? And that apparel is none other than our darling, the Shirt. Yes, that very shirt you wore to your job interview the other day and that very women’s plaid shirt you were fierily flaunting on a shopping spree with your friends.

In these millennial times, everyone is in such a hurry, either for meetings, conferences or for casual gatherings. But looking great is nonetheless a priority, isn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want to be quick and still look chic. That era, when the society had this pre-conceived notion that shirts are primarily masculine or that they have a particular form or design, is long gone. This is the time, our time, where shirts have become omnipresent and have evolved into a medley of designs, forms and patterns to fulfil all the longings of every lady.

For an after-lockdown get-together with friends, who would say no to a trendy women’s casual shirt? I know I wouldn’t!

For all the ladies who are not big fans of plain shirts, striped shirts for women and women’s plaid shirts will serve you irresistibly. And an icing on the cake is that there are so many ways to wear the striped shirt or the plaid one. Wearing it half tucked in will give you an à la mode look, while wearing it with front open on a camisole brings you both comfort and style.

A voguish style of shirt, fairly new, is the women’s longline shirt, which gives you both, the comfort of a shirt and the subtlety of a kurti. And hence, it is a much sought-after piece by ladies, both the younger and the older ones. A blowout party or an ethnic function, these longline shirts will steal the show with style and comfort clubbed together.

All things aside, one thing that I look for in every apparel I wear, is that it is cozy and enjoyable. No one would want to wear something which is troublesome or throws her off hand. And the best way to beat the scorching heat of summers is to have a party of some cool cotton ladies’ shirts. At the end of the day, what is better than a cotton shirt for women to keep her relaxed in the blazing sun and still make her strike as a summer darling!

This pandemic might have forced us to stay indoors, but it cannot and will not force us to compromise with our wardrobe. And to make sure I don’t end up settling for something less, I always have an eye on women shirts online. And, The Meraki World has provided me with all these, at the comfort of my home. After all, who isn’t nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt!