A comfortable pair of ladies trouser pants is amongst one of the best thing that has been invented for women.   

These bifurcated garments are great for nit just ease of movement, but also from a style perspective. Ladies’ trouser pants are available in a myriad of styles. From the flared bottoms, to the wide leg pants to the skinny fit trousers and so many more. You can wear them as formal office attire, for a lounge party, on a beach holiday, for trekking, and even as stylish occasions wear by pairing them with the right kind of top wear and accessories.

A few things that are absolutely essential to keep in mind while choosing a ladies trouser.

First and foremost, never compromise on the comfort. Make sure that when you sit, stand, walk, run and bend, your trousers are comfortable and let you move around with ease. If they tighten, or feel strained or very loose at any point while doing your regular movements, you need to re check the size or go for a different style.

 The next thing to check is for a comfortable waistline. Make sure the ladies trouser pant that you are choosing is not tight at the waist and allows you to breath easily.

The third thing to look out for is the fabric. Linen, cotton and Tencel are all good fabrics for the summers. They will keep you cool, are breathable and also feel soft against the skin.

The style and design of course have to be the other most important thing. Fashions keep changing and new designs for ladies trouser pants keep flooding the markets. You must choose the style as per the occasions and the purpose of use. It is always a wise choice to invest in a design that is classic and timeless, or one that you could style with versatility so that you make a sustainable purchase.

Colour, prints and textures are equally important while buying a ladies trouser pant. Like the designs, investing in all season colours is also a good way to make a sustainable choice. Try to buy colours that will go well with a majority of your top wear so that you can pair them with ease.

You can further elevate your ladies trouser pants collection by paying attention to the little details that add to your style. Different designs for the trouser cuffs or a slightly jagged trouser seam or even the waistbelt can add panache to the look.


The crop pants are perfect for an energetic day and night. They will not fail you and keep you relaxed all day long. Pockets are always a welcome addition to trousers, so having pockets in your design is mostly a good decision.

The linen joggers on the other hand make for a stylish and comfortable choice for Friday dressing as well as party evenings.

Meraki’s summer trouser collection is a great combination of sustainable summer fabrics like linen and cotton, with subtle design details and of course oodles of comfort. View the complete ladies trouser pant collection at www.themerakiworld.com