The party season is in full swing and that means… a little wardrobe crisis!

What to wear? How to style it? Where to buy it from?... a few questions that were the main topics for discussion for my girlfriends and me this weekend. 

We were browsing through our Instagram to see what we could find our there, and one of us saw an ad for this brand called Meraki. We looked through the ad and liked the first impression. And so decided to explore it further. And can I just say… we are so glad we did!! I absolutely LOVED their collection! In fact, we all did! 

So let me tell you a little about this brand. Oh! And also, we were specifically looking for women dresses online and our main criteria were comfy dresses and stylish dresses for women. and this brand ticked all the boxes 😊.

So, like I said earlier, we were looking for women’s dresses online and found these really lovely and stylish dresses for women with Meraki. They have a wonderful collection of womens dresses and in fresh, bright colours. As I am always looking for classic clothing – that is clothing that I can wear at all times, irrelevant of seasonal trends and fashions, the Meraki collection just fit right in. Another thing that all us girls are always looking for - and I really mean always - is a comfortable fit. I mean, what good is a stylish dress if its not a comfy dress as well, right? We all have long days at work and then more often than not, it stretches a little more into a few more hours of meeting friends or going out for family dinners and other social obligations. So, comfort with style is always our motto. And the stylish dresses for women offered by Meraki are just that.

But of course, the proof of the pudding is in eating it, and we all are true believers of this saying. No clothing or brand gets our approval till we see it for real. So, all of us ordered these women dresses online and decided to try them out for an upcoming weekend brunch. We were not very sure if they will be as good as they looked online, but we were in for a pleasant surprise! For they turned out to be even better than their virtual images!! The fabric was so, so, soft and lovely and the colours were so delicate and fresh. And the fit, well, it was a unanimous decision by all of us that these were one of the most comfy dresses that we had put on in a long time. The dresses fitted like a glove on our bodies and what we found to be most wonderful was that when two us tried on the same dress, it looked and felt like they had been made just for us. And both of us wear a different size. But the cut and fit of these stylish dresses for women is so good, it really feels like they have been made specially just for each one of us.

We wore them to brunch, in fact, let me tell you which of these stylish and comfy dresses we ordered.




We had a great brunch, and we spent hours (as girlfriend brunches should be), talking, joking and generally catching up on things. And we were all so happy in our comfy dresses 😊. I am chuffed that we discovered the brand Meraki. And I would highly recommend all the women out there to try their stylish dresses for women. I am sure that you all will also find your stylish and comfy dress.