I remember first seeing tunic dresses in my first job. My boss used to wear them all the time. In fact, it was like her staple clothing; tunic dresses and long line shirts. 

Every day, she would adorn new colours and styles of long line shirts and pair them with smart fitting trousers and denims. Her favourite combination was white longline shirts with blue denims or black slim fit trousers. Her tunics dresses too were always in subtle colours like pretty pastels, whites, blacks, greys and so on.


 I once asked her why she prefers the longline shirts and the tunic dresses and always sticks to these as part of her daily dressing. She explained that the length and the cut of these styles was just as she liked them. They were the right mid hip length and she felt very comfortable in them. She said she could go about her work without feeling conscious of what she is wearing. And the high low hemline of the longline shirts really suited her. She also added that she liked the little fantasy and dressy feel of the extended back hemline of the longline shirts. She said she liked the little playful detail of the hemline.

I was actually quite inspired to try out the longline shorts and tunic dresses because of her. And I am happy to report that the experiment has not been in vain. I have also taken to them in a big way and they have slowly and steadily made their way into almost 50 percent of my wardrobe!! And like my old boss, the longline shirts and the tunic dresses have now become part of my daily wear.

Another silhouette that has shown its presence in my wardrobe, especially in the past of couple of years is the shirt dress.
Actually, this was quite an accidental find for me. I was looking for long shirt dresses for ladies while shopping online and was presented with an option of shirt dresses online. And I decided to explore this. And I am so happy that I did.

The shirt dresses I found online are so comfortable and so accommodating. I don’t have to worry whether they will fit me or not at time when I have put on a few inches or lost a few kilos. The shirt dress silhouette takes care of these fluctuations and sits pretty no matter what my shape. So now, my shopping definitely includes buying shirt dresses online.

I would really recommend all the women out there to look for longline shirts, tunic dresses and shirt dresses online and try them out as options for comfortable wear, especially if you feel a little conscious while wearing tops and dresses. They are a perfect choice for getting over that awkward feeling.