Stylish can usually be defined as having a sense of fashion. All of us have a personal sense of style, and it is unique to us. But there are some people, who stand out and create looks that are followed by the masses. These are the people who become style influencers.

A few things that all style influencers have in common is that they define their sense of style and curate their looks accordingly. They experiment with their clothing and accessories, while staying true to their aesthetics of fashion.

Let’s take an example of stylish dresses for women. Suppose you want to create different looks for summer dresses and produce a portfolio of stylish dresses for women, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always choose a dress that flatters your body. It does not matter what size or shape you are, just make sure that the summer dress you choose fits you well and compliments your body.



For creating sustainable looks for stylish dresses for women, choose designs and cuts that are classics, like the A-line silhouette, or the shift dress, or even the tent silhouette. You can choose experimental cuts as well, but remember that the dress should fit you well.

Choose stylish dresses for women which add to your sustainable wardrobe, so buy strategically and try to create an interchangeable wardrobe. Invest in summer dresses that can be paired with a variety of footwear and accessories. It is always nice to have some dresses that can be worn as is and can also be styled with layering.



If you are going to go in for busy prints or bold prints, then remember that the accompanying accessories can be muted and classic pieces, as the prints itself will be making quiet a statement. On the other hand, you could go totally bold and do a print-on-print styling, but you will have to choose all your prints carefully so that they complement each other.

Dresses suit all occasions, and are especially welcome in summers. Easy to wear and carry, summer dresses are indeed a complete package of cool style.

A great addition to your summer portfolio of stylish dresses for women can be dresses made in natural fabrics like linen and cotton. They are sustainable, comfortable and easy to take care of. And there is such a wide variety of linens and cottons. You can explore these fabrics by their textures, their weights, their natural weaves, prints and so much more. A thicker or thinner fabric will give you a different drape or fall for the dress, thus giving you a new style and design. So, you can actually, create a whole summer dresses portfolio with just different linen and cotton dresses!


This summer, while investing in your stylish dresses for women, think of making your wardrobe a little more sustainable and choose summer dresses made of natural eco-friendly fabrics, in timeless designs and perfect fits. And it will be a cool, comfortable, and stylish summer.