sustainable clothing

A friend narrated this story to us :

“Last weekend, I woke up to the sounds of opening and closing of cupboards and drawers. I sat up in bed and realized they were coming from my daughter’s bedroom. When I entered the room, I found her clothes strewn all over the bed and the furniture. And she was sitting in a chair and reading the labels of her clothes.

I wondered what she was doing, and she told me that she was trying to ascertain whether her clothes were bought from sustainable clothing brands. I didn’t quite understand this, and asked her why she was suddenly so interested in knowing whether her clothes were bought from sustainable clothing brands. She replied, that she had been researching about sustainable clothing, sustainable fashion brands and sustainable clothing brands as part of a project and it had made her question her own wardrobe.

Her daughter went onto explain how sustainable clothing contributes to the health of the planet. I was surprised when she said that. How can the garments I buy from “sustainable fashion brands” make our planet healthier??

Taking a cue from my daughter, I started reading about sustainable clothing, sustainable fashion brands and sustainable clothing brands. To my surprise, I found that most of the clothes sold by some very big clothing brands were extremely harmful to the environment. I also understood that sustainable clothing brands don’t just use natural fabrics, but pay attention to every detail like the sourcing of the raw materials, where they are made, who is making them and even how they are packaged.”

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Our friend was so intrigued to learn about sustainable clothing that she asked us to further explain the concept of sustainable fashion brands and sustainable clothing brands.

This was our explanation to her :

Sustainable clothing is about creating garments which do not harm or pollute the environment, even after they have been discarded. Sustainable clothing brands aim to minimize the damage done to the environment in their journey of production, right from the beginning till the very end.

sustainable clothing
One of the main focus of sustainable fashion brands is to create fashion responsibly. As part of the sustainable fashion brands community, our focus too is on creating sustainable clothing that is good for the health of the planet, and in turn good for our health too.

As sustainable clothing brands so often do, we also ensure to source our raw materials not only responsibly, but also of the best quality, so that your clothes last you longer and are an investment.

Sustainable fashion brands create designs that do not confirm to seasonal trends but are always in fashion. As a part of the sustainable clothing brands community, we create classic pieces. Our designs are timeless and so is our choice of colours.

They are always in vogue, immaterial of the trending hues.

Our friend sat quietly and listened as we explained these concepts of sustainable fashion brands, sustainable clothing and sustainable clothing brands. She then went back home and carefully inspected her wardrobe. To her surprise, she found that it did not fare too badly on the scale of sustainable clothing. A number of her garments had been unknowingly acquired from sustainable clothing brands because she is a great believer of buying less but quality products. She was so excited to know that she was contributing to the health of the planet and was a part of the sustainable clothing community. She promised herself that she will be a conscious consumer from now on and knowingly do her research about sustainable fashion brands and sustainable clothing brands before buying any clothes.

We recommend you revisit your wardrobe too and be surprised today!

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