Like all of our designs, our Home Collection also conforms to our principles of sustainable designs and timeless styles.

We especially recommend our collection of table liners for adding charm to your dining tables.

We believe the dining table is a place where the whole family comes together for sharing not just a meal but their joys and sorrows, their plans and excitement and achievements. It’s a time to sit down and listen to each other. And an aesthetic, homely setting is all the better to add to this scenario.

We imagine a family, sitting together at their table, enjoying dinner after a full day’s work. The table laid out beautifully and lip-smacking home-made food sitting warmly on the center table runner, waiting to be devoured.

We also imagine friends hanging around the coffee table, adorned with a classic coffee table runner, catching up for a cup of coffee and cookies.

Another page from our book of imaginations is the special moments that couples create for each other… carefully planning the details and taking out time from their hectic schedules. Spreading some joy across the center table runner by adding symbols of their love and affection.

We create our table liner collection keeping these emotions in mind. We create our center table runner pieces to help add that little extra to the décor. A personal touch that defines your home. Made in natural, earth friendly fabrics and prints that are classic and have stood the test of time.

The fabrics for our table liners are chosen with utmost care and we make sure they are eco friendly and made out of natural fibers. Cotton and linen are the main textiles that we use for our center table runners as they are not only easy to maintain, but also give one of the best results for printing and dyeing of natural colours.

All our table runners for center table are printed in natural colours and prints that are created from natural materials. We ensure that our table liners are sustainable and go back to the earth once they are disposed.

We have been mindful of keeping the length of our center table runners at least 2 metres, so that they can be used on different table sizes. When using on a smaller coffee table, they can be folded neatly and be made into coffee table runners to suit the décor and occasion.

Out table liners are also a great choice for gifting. A gift for home is a gift for the entire family, and center table runners make for a pretty piece of décor as well as practical gift. A page from our book of imagination is dedicated to the importance of friends and family in our lives and we create our table liners, like all of our home collection to bring you all closer as a unit.