I absolutely LOVE tote bags!!

And the recent one I bought from Meraki is just divine. I picked up their classic dark tan coloured leather tote bag online, and I am telling you.. I am simply loving it! It’s the perfect fit for me. It is just the right size – neither too big and not too small. The fact that its just adequate helps me to be very selective with what I keep in my bag. This way, I don’t carry my entire wardrobe and dressing table with me. My shoulders surely feel the weight lifted off them! And this is made easier thanks to the ergonomically crafted handles. They are sooooo comfortable and thankfully don’t cut into my skin, even if there is a bit of weight in the bag or when I carry it for long periods of time.

I love that it has a small accompanying pouch inside. I can easily stow away my little bottles of essentials and tissues and use them with ease without digging into my entire bag every time. 


When I was looking to buy tote bags online, I found a number of brands offering beautiful collections. But what immediately drew me towards Meraki’s leather tote bags collection was their simplicity of design, the vintage colours and the classic styles. I felt that I could use the same leather tote bag with a number of my ensembles. And I was very happy to find that I was right 😊. When I received my stylish package containing the leather tote bag, I just knew that this is correct choice.

Another leather tote bag that I liked in their collection is a lovely structured bag in a rich midnight navy colour. This bag comes in a set of three, that means there is another sling bag inside and a small pouch to go with it. Three bags for the price of one!

Meraki’s tote bags collection is quite versatile with different shapes and forms. Take this two-way tall tote for example. This handy bag can be transformed into a crossbody sling bag with the help of a removable shoulder strap or carried like a handbag tote. It has easy, collapsible sides and the soft leather falls beautifully into a neat fold design at the top. The magnetic clasp is easy to open and close and makes it easy to access your things inside the bag.

My leather tote bag sits comfortably under my shoulders everyday. Whether I go out for work, meet friends, visit relatives or go shopping; I tuck it away snugly and am ready to do all my chores and meetings. I was actually quiet surprised to see how many extra things I keep in my bag, and actually never use them. Thanks to my new purchase of Meraki’s leather tote bags online, I found a great solution to my bag woes.