The latest trend in the fashion industry is a tunic dress. A piece of clothing so versatile that it can literally go with everything you can imagine. Be it a pair of denims or just the tunic as a dress itself, it will never let you down.

With so many options available to wear a tunic dress for women, we often get confused. To help you with your dilemma today, we have listed the top 5 trending ways of wearing a tunic.

It’s a Dress, Wear it Like One

The beauty of a tunic is that it is long enough to wear it as a dress all by itself. If you have a long tunic, you can wear one on your trip to the beach or to a friend’s place to lounge. A sustainable fabric tunic will last you forever, allowing you to experiment with as many pairings abiding to the latest trend of that season.

An Ideal Work from Home Outfit

Cotton tunics for women are an ideal work from home outfit. The biggest dilemma of the new work from home culture has been on, ‘to wear pants or not to’. Well, with a tunic at your disposal, you can opt for the later. A tunic not only is comfortable but also looks quite elegant for business meetings. Simply do up your hair and make up, get into that tunic and you are ready for your big presentation within minutes. 

Effortless Styling for Multiple Occasions

A tunic is a wise choice for occasion. There is no risk whatsoever with pairing a tunic long dress with either a pair of chunky heels or just Indian leggings. You can wear a sustainable fabric tunic such as the one made of linen at a wedding, to help you look rich and classy. On the other hand, you can wear a cotton tunic while lounging at home.

Accessorize it

Accessorizing has been the latest trend in the fashion industry. People have started accessorizing even the simplest pieces of clothing, such as a kaftan. A tunic being one such humble piece, can be paired with all kinds of accessories. You can wear bulky earrings on a festive tunic or just a tiny neck piece while stepping out to buy groceries. You can also wear a tunic dress and pair it with your favorite sneakers.

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Tunics and Denim

We specially wanted to highlight the latest heartthrob pairing in the fashion world, a tunic and a denim jacket. It’s a pair that promises to make you stand out at any occasion. Be it that date or a get together with relatives, you can pair any kind of tunic with a denim jacket to make you look ravishing. What else works? You need not change your entire wardrobe to make styling possible. You can wear the same pair over your favorite sneakers or those heels that kill you but make you the talk of the town.

With all these ideas to wear a tunic, we hope that your dilemma of what I should wear today is solved. But while you are being your fashionable best, do not forget that we are in an age of conscious fashion. Option for tunic fabrics that are sustainable in nature, allowing you to look stylish without guilt.