Fashion statements have been an ever-evolving conversation. When style meets comfort, it creates ripples of variations across the industry to what we normally call, ‘wearable fashion’. One such trending conversation in the media lately, has been the ladies ‘Shirt Dress’.

A shirtdress is an exemplary example of fusion fashion wherein a classic shirt has been seamlessly transformed into a longer format, that can be carried by itself. It is flexible attire that can be styled based on your mood. If you ever watched Hollywood rom-com, you shall relate to the shirtdress as the morning after boyfriend’s sexy loose shirt falling over the body of the female lead. But if you are one of these runway followers, you can pair it up with a chic belt and high heels to rock your day.

So, did you ever wonder where the shirtdress comes from? Well, it was back in 1947 when Christian Dior wanted to liberate the women of then from their tightly held corsets fits to looser outfits such as a man’s shirt, that will revolutionize the way they feel about themselves. This remarkable launch of a shirtdress let women feel empowered and almost, equal to men. This revolution made Paris the fashion capital of the world. Though long dress shirts womens did face it’s course of ridicule but it was in the 1960's that it was well appreciated by strong women and transformed from manly rough fabrics into more smoother softer ones. It was then, when we discovered the power of silk and made our beloved loose fit shirt dresses into a shiny evening accomplice.

Over the years, women have been accustomed to pure cotton dresses, one of them being a shirtdress itself. But there are many variants that are now available in the market such as;

Long sleeve shirt dress - This one is perfect for layering with accessories during winter.

Midi Shirt Dresses - This is perfect for a day trip to a winery or work.

Denim shirt dress – Classic denim shirt transformed into a dress, need we say more?

Daily wear dresses for ladies – An asymmetric style buttoned dress that looks like a shirt and compliments every occasion it has been worn to, from Boudoir to Boston.

Sustainable shirtdress – As the name resounds, these dresses are made from nature’s favourite fabrics such as linen or pure cotton that have a shelf life of almost forever. Such sustainable top dresses online can be found on

One of the most common questions that arise in the minds of ladies planning to opt for a shirtdress is about the right fit. Shirt Dresses are naturally supposed to be free falling but that doesn’t mean that you give up on the definition of your body. You can opt for the right shoulder fit dress and so, even if it is loose around the waistline, you can define it with the help of a belt.

Whatever be your look for an iconic shirtdress, always remember to be conscious of your choices with respect to nature as well as your body.