When I think of fashion during the ancient times, one image that always comes up in my mind is the tunic dresses. Believe me you, tunic dresses were one of the earliest forms of clothes worn by man. It used to be made in linen mix fabric with rough sewing on the sides and shoulders with holes cut out to fit through the arms and neck. These used to be worn with jacket-like cover ups and gladiators. I can’t help but imagine the Roman Empire times. Oh! Did you know it used to be a unisex piece of clothing? The comfort of a tunic dress is undeniable, and why not? I like to be easy-breezy in a tunic dress, formal it up for meetings during the day and then jazz it out loud for a date night. The versatility of a tunic dress is unmatched for, it can go from 0 to 100. From adding a statement belt to wearing your hair down in glorious curls, you can make your tunic dress into an extravaganza affair!

There are more reasons to get yourself a tunic dress now, yes! There is no formula to dressing up a tunic dress, you can make it breezy to classy and chic in split seconds. Tunic Dresses have made fashion forward ways of dressing up come handy, meaning you can wear your favourite lightweight dresses even before summers. Just remember, Layering is king and if you ever find yourself confused between choosing to wear a dress or pants, don’t. To know how, let’s begin with looking for long tunic dresses. In my search, following are the options that I liked the most in a vast variety of online dress shopping sites.

1. Empire Waist Tunic Dress

Empire waist tunic dress


Empire line adds such a character to an outfit and how! This is an absolute choice for workwear. With flared pants and a glittery belt on your waist, you’re good to go party the night away!

2. Stripe Shirt Tunic

Stripe Shirt Tunic


One must love themselves a classy long tunic dress, this is the perfect example for that. With a macrame belt on your waist, kitten heels and a bucket bag there is no stopping you strutting your way. For the days you wish to keep it simple, tie your hair in a top knot bun, add a pair of ripped jeans under and voila. This long tunic dress vibes with you!

3. Cocoon Shape Tunic Dress

Cocoon shape tunic dress


Solid colours are a must haves in your wardrobe, no matter what! You can go monochrome to colour blocking within the blink of time. And on days you feel less colorful, you can always tone it down with a muted outwear.

So are you ready to walk in a historical piece of clothing styling it up with modesty & modernity? Try one of the styles above and come back to us in the comments below. Hurry up, we shall be looking forward to hearing from you!