Welcome back to this blogosphere dedicated to a realist woman. We are back with yet another ground-breaking blog and this time it is going to be speaking of this new wave of the fashion industry inclining towards comfort clothing and how! I wish I’d had known all those years of extravagant dressing up are behind me. But alas! What does an era matter when we’re looking at a new fashion order, right?

If there is one fashion trend which I will be following around as my religion would be, Comfort clothing. Little did I know there’s a world outside of the bodycon fits which looked just as beautiful but all the more comfortable. I would like to describe my experience as ‘slipping into nirvana.’ However, it is fascinating to see how a modern-day realist woman is becoming all the more eco-conscious. A shopper today does not just buy a garment, she buys its history and everything that a piece of clothing represents.

It is safe to say that we have stepped into the era when consumers not only look for garment that looks good, but also feels good. Since the world is not stopping for anything, fashion must evolve and adhere to the need of the hour. Trends like, Baggy fits, culottes, sneakers are low-key a sign towards the new lifestyle-oriented dressing up which has been unknown to this era before. What brings me to the next step of this evolution is the classic timeless pieces made of eco-friendly yarns, a.k.a. Pure cotton shirts. If anything, then shirts are the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Well I can’t imagine mine without it.

Continue reading below to find my favourite picks of pure cotton shirts online.

1. Popover Plaid Shirt

Popover Plaid Shirt

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This 100% cotton shirt is a contemporary twist to a classic design. It has elbow length sleeves, a dropped shoulder line and a high-low hemline to speak comfort out loud.

2. Slub Stripe Casual Shirt

Slub Stripe Casual Shirt

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If you’re looking for a lightweight pure cotton shirt piece, this is your absolute find. Its effortless barcode style stripes, the comfortable boxy fit and the curved high-low hemline is all you would want in your daily comfort-wear!

3. Dobby Check Casual Wear

Dobby Check Casual Wear

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If you’re ready to be taken aback into the 90’s, embrace yourself for this substantial, almost nostalgic dobby striped shirt. As effortless as it seems, it is just as lightweight and the one most versatile shirt for women.

I can’t stress enough on the fact that it is time to live in the shirts again. Cotton ladies shirts are not just a trend, but a timeless feeling. Take my word for it and make yourself at home in pure cotton shirt and strut!