Women usually have a tendency of hoarding clothes that they might wear once in a blue moon or not. But over the years, these tendencies have progressed consciously towards the environment. Their fashion habits are now sustainable. They like to keep stagnant pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched to keep the style and variance quotient intact while having a low impact on the planet. One such habit that has been trending lately which is keeping a stack of t-shirts for women in one's closet. As strange as it sounds, there are many beneficial reasons why this act of stacking only t-shirts is going viral.


Well, here’s the list of reasons on why having a lot of t-shirts can be sustainable choice;

Buy Good Quality

When it comes to sustainability, having a stack of t-shirts that can be worn at all occasions and even through seasons, can never go fashionably wrong. But if buying a t-shirt is a choice, why invest in bundled-up low quality t-shirts that wear-out after a few washes. Instead, invest in a good brand like Meraki, wherein if you buy organic linen t-shirts will have a low impact not only on the environment but also your wardrobe and pocket for a long time. 

Infinite styling possibilities

A t-shirt has infinite possibilities to be paired up with almost everything. Wear an oversized t-shirt with just a chunky belt and you are ready to rock an evening rendezvous. Or just pair casual t-shirts with your favourite denims and sneakers, and you are good to go to take over the world. When the matter is sustainability, one eco-friendly shirt with many pairing options is the right way to go.

Repair and Care

The beauty of summer tees is that they have a breathable fabric. Which means that it can last you an entire season and yet manage to be repaired in case of an adventure. When you invest in a good quality clothing like stripe tees, you will often have a choice of going back to the brand and asking them to either exchange or repair. Some brands even have their own line of fabric conditioners that can help last your favourite sustainable t-shirt for a while. 

Exchange and Borrow

The beauty of sustainable clothing is that they last very long. So even if you are bored of it, your friend will also be open to exchange it for theirs or just borrow and forget. It’s like exchanging your favourite printed linen t-shirt for a sleeveless top from your bestie. The context of sustainability is also about being generous and kind, be it in terms of giving it back to the environment or letting someone borrow t-shirts in the name of goodwill. 

So, here you go with all these reasons encouraging you to go shopping for a stack of t-shirts. But always keep in mind, sustainability comes from a consciousness within, to do good, not just for the environment but also every aspect of your life.