Tunic tops have been complimenting women of varied shape, size and cultures for the past few years. This is that one piece of garment that ticks off high on style quotient, flexibility in accessorizing and abiding by the cultural norms of many societies. It is a perfect garment that can be worn both at a religious gathering due to its appropriate hip-covering length as well as at the beach over a bikini to cover up, just the essentials.

Tunic tops for women have been quite a rage in the fashion world due to the versatility of it’s style. It has been covered by top magazines around the world as a must own clothing in your wardrobe for varied reasons. To enlighten you on a few reasons and convince you to get your own longline tops, read on;

Greeks loved it

Tunis is an iconic style dated back to the Greek Roman era. You remember Caesar in his summer day tunic, well not a great sight to remember, is it? Now how about Cleopatra bathing in the Roman sun in her tunic, lovely isn’t it? Its straight format cut allows for maximum movement from sun bathing to a war.

Open to accessorizing

Tunic is that one pair of clothing that will never let you down. You can wear it like a regular shirt dress over Hawaiians or deck it up with a pair of high heels. You can wear these long stylish tops with a chunky belt for an evening affair as well as with a pair of leggings and boots towards your share of camping in the forest.

Available in many fabrics

This timeless piece of clothing is available in many fabrics to suit the needs of your time zone and your mood. You can wear a corduroy tunic with a pair of your favorite denims on a winter evening as well as cozy up in a sustainable linen tunic on your couch.

Loose fit, fits all

As the natural form of a tunic is loose, it brilliantly works as a plus size tops for women. To accentuate your curves, you can accessorize it or just wear it like a boyfriend fit shirt dress to kill the hipster, out of bed look. If you want a perfect tunic to fit your curvy body, you must opt for sustainable fabric such as rayon that falls freely over you allowing maximum movement of air while keeping your style quotient intact.

Easy buy

You can buy branded tops for women on many websites online. In India, tunics are known as ‘Kurtis’ and can be found on many occasion dressing sites. If you are one of the conscious towards the environment ones, you can get your piece of timeless tunic from themerakiworld.com being sustainable, it saves you the cost of investing in similar styles, year on year without compromising on this age old fashion clothing.

With so many reasons to convince, we are sure that you might consider a tunic in your wardrobe. If not yet, here’s a last one, it will never go wrong.