Womens poncho sweater are a great favourite in winters. Every winter, there is a surge in the hunt for finding good design and quality woolen ponchos online. With so many brands offering woolen ponchos online, it tends to get a bit confusing to make the correct choice for a womens poncho sweater

We can tell you for a fact that choosing a Meraki womens poncho sweater will be the correct choice for you. And we know this because our customers prove this for us. 

Shikha wrote in saying she absolutely loved our Navy coloured multiple knit poncho. The one size fits her perfectly and goes well with all her clothes. She enjoys wearing it to work and is very happy that she can continue wearing it and style it differently while heading out in the evening for dinner with her friends.

Another customer, Kanika said “ I bought the olive coloured poncho with stylish neck fastner, and I Love it! Its so warm and I love the fact that it is so lightweight and easy to carry. Thank you Meraki.” 

Thank you Shikha and Kanika and so many others who loved our womens poncho sweater collection and swear by them for the winter season. 

Womens poncho sweater are actually a great choice for winters. This shawl like garment can be worn over clothes and draped from your shoulders as a protective cover. Made in variety of fabrics and textures, Meraki’s Poncho collection allows you to pair them with a myriad of ensembles and create different looks to suit the occasions. 

The great part about a womens poncho sweater is that it will keep you warm but not make you feel too hot like in a closed sweater or jacket as it has a free flowing silhouette. This feature allows you to sport a poncho in varying degrees of cold weather. It works well as an outer warm layer for heavy winters and is suitable as a single layer or over a full sleeved t shirt for a warmer day in winter.

And thanks to its free flowing design, it fits everyone with ease and comfort. It falls gracefully on all body shapes and makes the wearer look chic. You can even snuggle in your hands within the voluminous fabric of the poncho and keep warm. 

Meraki offers different designs and styles this winter as part of our Poncho Collection. We have a lovely textured knit poncho with a stylish neck fastener that gives a formal and elegant look. It is available in two beautiful colours – olive and blue.

Then there are the classic black ponchos with a button placket.  You can wear this poncho sideways, as a front open cardigan or sling the buttons to the back. It is warm and cozy and lightweight at the same time.

Another beautiful piece of this collection is the multi knit Navy coloured poncho. It has a beautiful, wide V neck in a ribbed fabric that can be styled to create different looks. The fabric is plush and soft and perfect for snuggling into on a cold day.

If you are looking for a classic neutral grey, our design with the turtle neck and ribbed long sleeves is just ideal. This womens poncho sweater is all comfy and cozy and goes well with all colours.

 This year, we had added side buttons to our womens poncho sweater designs to ensure extra warmth. No cool winds will bother you when you’re all buttoned down.


So, head to our website www.themerakiworld.com and choose your poncho design for this winter. We promise to keep you warm and comfortable under the well-designed knits and textures.