This is what one of our female patrons had to say about our Leather Slip ons:

“I bought a beautiful pair of women’s slip ons from Meraki. They are made to perfection! These Leather Slip Ons have a European style and finish and the fit is excellent!”

Another one of our regular patrons says:

“I think their range of women slip ons are great. And as I am trying to move to sustainable, locally sourced and produced brands, Meraki leather slip ons have proved to be a good choice.”

And yet another one claims:

“I found the Perfect pair of sandal slip ons from Meraki. Beautifully crafted, classic piece. Thank you Meraki!”

And we say thank you! To all our customers and patrons, who encourage us by supporting us with constructive feedback and recognition.

Our collection of women slip on footwear comprises of Sandal slip ons, leather slip ons and leather slip on shoes. Each pair is designed to cater to your comfort and in a timeless style. You can wear our leather slip on shoes or any of the other leather slip ons, and even our sandal slip ons for all occasions – formal and informal. They are suitable for all kinds of weathers, especially the sandal slip ons and are completely hassle free. Easy to wear and remove, the leather slip on shoes is a no brainer when it comes to choosing footwear for a day of observing tradition and culture. Take your shoes on and off effortlessly.

With our everchanging lifestyle, deciding on the right type of footwear becomes quiet confusing. While doing our research, we found that most women prefer footwear that is easy to remove and easy to wear, as they have to constantly balance life at home and outdoors. This daily shuffling of indoors and outdoors, prompted us to create our category of women slip ons. We have a varied collection of sandal slip ons, leather slip ons and leather slip on shoes to suits all your needs.

Meraki women slip ons can be worn with western outfits as well as a traditional ensemble. The material used in these leather slip ons is pure and genuine. They require little care and last you over long periods of time.

Take for instance,


Not only are they a great choice for sporting with a pair of trousers or a skirt, these leather slip ons look elegant with a traditional sari as well.


These sandal slip ons make for a good pair with an indo western salwar kameez, or even a short kurti and crop pants or three fourth trousers. Extremely comfortable and stylish, these ballet flats from our category of women slip ons always look graceful.

Another unique pair of leather slip ons from our women slip ons category are


Available in pure black and a natural ochre colours, these leather slip on shoes have a beautifully structured woven pattern. These woven leather slip ons is an apt choice for formal occasions and office wear or simply for days where you want to make a statement.

Our women slip ons category is designed in pure hues and tints of natural colours like tan, ochre, auburn, ivory and black. we are careful to choose even our highlight colours from the pallete of nature for our collection of leather slip ons, sandal slip ons and leather slip on shoes.

Classic and timeless are at the heart of all our creations and our footwear collections of women slip ons is no different. We are mindful of structuring our women slip ons in such a way that they provide you with maximum comfort with elan. Because women are on their feet for the maximum part of the day. Never resting. Never sitting. And their footwear is their sole companion for those strenuous hours. A good pair of women slip ons and sandal slip ons is a great support during these hours of toil. Meraki’s women slip ons are a guarantee of loyal company and care.