Whenever people talk about gender unified clothing, I can think of nothing but Shirts in particular. And trust me if you will, I am a part of the club, shirts are as much women apparel as men’s! The concept of ladies shirts goes back in the ancient ages to the middle Elizabethan era to the modern boss lady. Thanks to the revolution and the Gen Z are now blessed with ever more stylish shirts for women. I couldn’t stress enough, the simplicity of a classic white shirt or a structured organic shirt is the most effortless way to dress up chic and in under 2-minutes. We all have been through days when hours in front of your wardrobe and nothing to wear at the moment, take my word for it, your easiest way out of this trouble is just order some long shirts for women online. And the kind of girl that i am, i come across the ‘don’t-know-what’to’wear’ moments, much too often, i find it easier to look up for women shirts online than looking up for garments to wear in my wardrobe.

When it comes to sourcing shirts for women online, it can be a little challenging given there are tons and tons of online websites selling women shirts online. I have put my trust into the Meraki shirts, if you ask me. They serve my purpose of finding Work From Home shirts to contemporary new designer shirts for women.

Some of my top picks from their site are given below:

1. The Indigo Embroidered Yoke Shirt


Buy at https://bit.ly/3htDYld

I have always been obsessed with chic Meghan Markle style. And i would definity in a heartbeat, pick this shirt, and a skin fit jeans give it a little french tuck in front, make a half top knot bun and strut like a princess!

2. The Longline Lyocell Denim Shirt


Buy at https://bit.ly/2OKvzOj

I absolutely love this shirt for an easy going WFH look, when I want to look presentable on the Zoom calls but be sitting like a bear on the bean bag!

3. The Stretch Shirt With Overlap Placket


Buy at https://bit.ly/2Bq3U24

Who doesn’t own a white shirt in their closet? I, for one, own a thousand different white shirts, and I still can’t get enough of them. This shirt in particular, is my go to pick for pairing it with high waisted straight pants or a pleated skirt with an embellished collar necklace, it is a work to party shirt!

4. The Longline Stripe Shirt


Buy at https://bit.ly/2Bonmfy

I love myself a subtle summer shirt, and this Meraki stripe shirt is definitely my favourite! Long shirts elevate the elegance of the look and as for me, I love how it’s casual, easy breezy with a sense of style to it.

Who said shirts have got to be the length of a shirt? I have found myself a new lover in the shirt dresses, just when i thought that i have had enough of shirts, the world was blessed with Shirt dresses, effortless, chic and easy!

But before i suggest you to go ahead and make your purchases, i would suggest you to narrow down your requirements such as; office shirts, WFH shirts, fabric choice etc for you to be able to shortlist desired options. I'd like to invest in sustainable office shirts and WFH shirts. As mentioned above, The Meraki World, has a great range of sustainable stylish shirts for women. As tricky as it may sound, the subtlety of shirts is unmatched for and one’s wardrobe is incomplete without one! On which note, I can leave you guys with a trick of my own, and it will also include some happy arts & crafts time, make a block of your initials, print it on your basic WFH shirt and voila! Your hip new office shirt is ready, or if you like sewing, stitch some 3D print stickers on the collar of your shirts. Wardrobe crisis solved? Well, this is a price beyond rubie