Meraki is a Greek word used when you do something with soul, creativity and love; to put something of yourself into your work.

Great design is clothing in context, made to fit both our bodies and our lives.

Our attempt is to create modern, classic pieces that defy trends and seasons. It is a dialogue between seasonal perspectives and enduring ideals, created for an urban environment, where we live and spend most of our time.

It is an organic system, always evolving, changing, building upon what's come before. Adaptable and interchangeable, our clothing prevails with timeless grace and artful expression.

Our purpose is to inspire simplicity, creativity and delight the spirit and simplify life.

Our Story

“We are an inspired team of passionate individuals who foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that has the customer at its core. 

We work in an inclusive environment that embraces change and is progressively evolving. 

We encourage surprise and discovery, courage and vision, instinct and intuition. These are our guides as we seek and explore new opportunities for growth and connection

Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the most formidable fashion brands in the industry.”





"Meraki for me is the spirit of relentless pursuit of  ingenuity and soulful simplicity. A celebration of  integrity and unabashed expression of one's true self"